Xiake was a competitor robot from Suzhou, China which competed in Season 1.5, the debut of This is Fighting Robots. It was the successor to King of Bots runner-up, Chiyung Jinlun, and ultimately finished third place within the series.

In Season 1.5, it qualified through its preliminary rumble after being selected by Wu Chun. During the main competition, Xiake's builder served as somewhat of a leader for the Red team, motivating Chun to continue fighting amidst several defeats and robot eliminations for the team in the first round. Xiake would proceed to win its three-way rumble against Model Teenager and Snow Leopard, earning Chun's first victory in the process. However, despite immobilizing 008 in its Tag Team battle, where it was partnered with Vulcan, Xiake was pitted by Greedy Snake and was initially eliminated from the competition at this stage. Xiake would later be reinstated after Wu Chun chose it to return to the Red team, following his victory in a later head-to-head battle, although it lost to Greedy Snake once again under Wu Chun's controls. In order to qualify for the Top 8, Xiake dominated Cat King, despite officially losing the battle due to a 20-second period of immobility. In the Top 8, it first won a decisive battle against Sandstorm, before being eliminated by Tánshè on a Judges' decision in the semi-final after losing drive on one side towards the end of the battle, despite dominating for most of the match. Xiake also won the third place playoff against Shrederator Tiger Claw.


Chiyung Jinlun sombrero

Xiake in the pits during Season 1.5, complete with conical hat


Xiake's statistics

Xiake was a red and black, box-shaped robot, driven by four externally-mounted wheels enabling it to drive either way up, although the wheels were protected by a layer of polycarbonate. Its main weapon was a large vertical spinning drum, which used two teeth to cause significant damage to opponents. The robot also featured a large front wedge which enabled it to get underneath and push opponents around, as well as lead them into its drum, although this held robots away from the drum when Xiake was inverted. New wedgelets were also made as an optional attachment for Xiake, used in the Cat King fight, attached to hinges which allow the spiked wedges to breach the sides of other robot's wedges.

Although Xiake is similar in design to the team's Season 1 entry Chiyung Jinlun, there are some differences. It is painted a light red, and the wheels are not exposed. The drum is also significantly more powerful, notably throwing other robots into the air during battles and performing a 'gyro-dance' during testing.

Robot HistoryEdit

This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)Edit

008 vs Xiake

Xiake recoils following a head-on collision with 008

Xiake vs Saturn 1

Xiake launches Saturn into the air

Saturn vs Xiake 1

Xiake's side panel is destroyed by Saturn

In Episode 1, Xiake's team captain wore robes and conical hats in order to impress the celebrities, but Xiake was not selected by any celebrities, requiring it to compete in the preliminary round. There, Xiake faced 008, Ninja and Saturn in a four-way melee, brief highlights of which were shown in Episode 2. It was initially shown to sustain a head-on collision with 008, which caused both robots to recoil spectacularly across the arena, before Ninja pushed it forwards as all four competitors converged. Xiake proceeded to launch Saturn into the air with its drum, impressing Wu Chun sufficiently for him to select it. Despite having its side panel completely destroyed by Saturn later on in the battle, this enabled Xiake to enter the main competition as part of the Red team.

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 1

Xiake's drum throws sparks from Snow Leopard's wedge

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 2

Xiake rips a wheel from Snow Leopard

Xiake was then selected to battle Snow Leopard and Model Teenager in the main competition. Xiake and Snow Leopard immediately targeted one another, and sparks flew when Xiake's drum collided with the front forks of Snow Leopard. As Snow Leopard fled, Xiake bulldozed its way past Model Teenager to strike the exposed wheels of Snow Leopard, ripping one of them away, and Xiake immobilized Snow Leopard.

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 3

Xiake is flipped by Zhang Yishan's use of the hazards

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 4

Xiake slams into Model Teenager

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 5

Xiake rams Model Teenager into the Grinder

Xiake and Model Teenager fought on, but even though Snow Leopard had already been eliminated, its celebrity captain Zhang Yishan was still able to activate the floor flipper. When Xiake drove over the floor flipper, Zhang Yishan capitalized, and overturned it. This proved to be critical, as Xiake's drum no longer made contact with Model Teenager, for its solid wedge protruded further outwards, and Xiake's drum also sub-optimally spun downwards. Nevertheless, after a brief period of inactivity, Xiake drove across the arena and slammed into Model Teenager's bar spinner, ramming it into a wall. Either as a result of this attack, or beforehand, a chain slipped from Model Teenager's weapon, leaving the bar spinner useless. The inverted Xiake rammed Model Teenager into a Grinder, although both robots were struck by the hazard. Model Teenager fled from the pursuant Xiake, and drove over the circular saws in the floor, causing sparks to fly. In the final ten seconds of the battle, Xiake caught Model Teenager side-on, and drove it across the arena, into the very corner of the BattleBox. The battle was sent to a Judges' decision, which was unanimously awarded in favour of Xiake, awarding points to Wu Chun's team for the first time.

008 vs Xiake 2v2 1

Xiake lifts 008 off the floor with its drum

Xiake vs 008 2v2

Xiake sends 008 cartwheeling across the arena

In the Tag Team round, Xiake was partnered with British entry Vulcan of the Green team. Together, they fought Greedy Snake of the Blue team and 008 of the Yellow team – the second time in the show in which Xiake faced the Team Far North machine. In the opening seconds of the battle, it waited in its starting position while Vulcan pursued 008 and Greedy Snake – eventually, Xiake joined its teammate, briefly bumping into Greedy Snake. Xiake then sustained an attack from 008’s disc, which lifted the Scottish robot upwards – it proceeded to knock 008 back, causing the latter’s disc to hit the floor and send it violently recoiling. As soon as 008 stabilized, Xiake drove into its side, before proceeding to ram into 008s disc and sending its opponent cartwheeling into – and out of – the pit. This attack resulted in 008 sustaining a damaged axle and catching fire, eliminating it early on.

Greedy Snake vs Vulcan 1

Xiake approaches Greedy Snake as the latter clamps and carries Vulcan into the spikes

Xiake vs Vulcan 1

Xiake inadvertently attacks Vulcan

With one of its opponents already defeated, Xiake focused on helping Vulcan attack Greedy Snake, but was briefly pushed back by the latter. It spun away, retreated and waited close to the corner as Greedy Snake accidentally pitted itself; both Xiake and Vulcan waited on opposite sides of the arena as Greedy Snake was raised back up to rejoin the battle. With Greedy Snake proceeding to clamp and carry Vulcan into the wall spikes, Xiake pursued its black and green rival, only to drive underneath and briefly get lodged underneath Vulcan as the latter shook itself free from Greedy Snake’s forks. Both robots separated, with Xiake proceeding to ram and pursue Greedy Snake again; however, it inadvertently attacked Vulcan while doing so, damaging the latter’s rear strut in the process. Following another side-on attack on Vulcan, Xiake pursued Greedy Snake once more, this time succeeding in catching up to Greedy Snake and throwing it over with its drum.

Xiake flips Greedy Snake

Xiake throws Greedy Snake over

Greedy Snake Xiake pit

A ram on Greedy Snake results in Xiake being thrown into the pit

Xiake attempted to press Greedy Snake against the wall spikes as the latter self-righted, without success, and was momentarily grabbed and pushed from the side by Greedy Snake. Breaking free, Xiake bumped into Vulcan, before making a lunge at an evading Greedy Snake. The two robots collided head-on, the impact throwing Xiake up onto Greedy Snake’s weapon and causing it to land in the pit nearby. Instantly, Xiake was eliminated via knockout, and played no further part in the battle while Vulcan survived to a Judges’ decision - the Xiake team subsequently apologized to Alan Young of Team Robots Live! for their defeat. The decision went against Xiake and Vulcan, eliminating both robots from the competition.

Xiake vs Wall

Xiake rips spikes from the arena wall

Xiake vs Greedy Snake

Xiake slams Greedy Snake high into the air

Following his victory in a later head-to-head round, Wu Chun selected Xiake to re-join the Red team, effectively allowing it to be reinstated for later rounds. Wu Chun then drove Xiake in a three-way rumble against Greedy Snake and Shrederator Tiger Claw. Xiake initially held back, due to its new driver's nerves. While Greedy Snake and Shrederator Tiger Claw became distracted with one another, Xiake charged into the side of Greedy Snake, grinding at its underside while also ripping decorative spikes from the arena wall. Xiake later capitalized on Greedy Snake pushing Shrederator Tiger Claw around, and threw Shrederator Tiger Claw from the floor and into the wall. However, Xiake drove onto Greedy Snake's wedge, and was pushed into the corner of the arena itself. Xiake had become stuck on debris which it had previously ripped from the wall, but it drove into the back of Greedy Snake and pushed it into the spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, also carrying it into the arena wall to slam Greedy Snake high into the air.

Xiake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Xiake throws Shrederator Tiger Claw into the air

Xiake vs Greedy Snake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Xiake's drum strikes Greedy Snake

Xiake took another hiatus while Shrederator Tiger Claw and Greedy Snake fought on, when suddenly, Xiake charged in and clashed with the spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, throwing it into a Grinder, where it recoiled straight back into the side of Greedy Snake, and Xiake also drove under Greedy Snake to hit its base. Greedy Snake shepherded Shrederator Tiger Claw back, damaging the arena wall again, but a hit from Xiake's drum threw the American machine into the air, and directly into Greedy Snake's grappling weapon, bending it. Xiake had become stuck on debris again, so Shrederator Tiger Claw hit the arena wall and bounced into Xiake, damaging the side of the machine.

Shrederator vs Snake

Xiake throws Shrederator Tiger Claw into Greedy Snake's lifter

Xiake made no further plays in the final fifteen seconds of the match, and time expired on the battle. The judges were required to decide who had won the battle out of the three active machines, and they ultimately voted in favour of Greedy Snake, resulting in Xiake's second consecutive loss to Greedy Snake.

"Xiake, your robot is slow and lumbering! We will get around you, and destroy every piece of you!"
— Cat King's team captain
Cat King vs Xiake 1

Xiake drives under Cat King and attacks its base

Cat King vs Xiake 2

Xiake launches Cat King over one meter into the air

For this battle, Xiake was outfitted with two wedgelets, while Cat King used its vertical spinner. Both robots met in the center of the arena, and Xiake was immediately able to breach Cat King's wedge, repeatedly hitting it from below, throwing sparks and Cat King together. A big hit from Xiake launched Cat King over one meter into the air. Xiake maintained its assault, pursuing the fleeing Cat King from behind, and also struck its wedge in order to grind at the underside of Cat King.

Cat King vs Xiake 3

Cat King and Xiake are surrounded by shrapnel ripped from Cat King

Cat King vs Xiake 4

Xiake rips more pieces from Cat King, throwing it into the air

Pieces of Cat King were visibly strewn across the arena, after Xiake's grinding attack had created shrapnel. Cat King had lost full control of its wheels, and was largely turning in circles, although Xiake backed away to the center of the arena and briefly stopped moving, with its drum also disabled. Xiake revived, and drove straight under Cat King's wedge to toss the robot high into the air, again throwing more loose pieces from Cat King.

Cat King vs Xiake 5

Cat King watches while Xiake struggles to break free from the wall

Cat King vs Xiake 6

Xiake rams Cat King into the Grinder

However, Xiake's strong lead was suddenly threatened when Xiake attempted to drive Cat King into the wall, and instead lost mobility under the spikes lining the arena wall, seemingly pinned. A total of twenty seconds passed, while Cat King's team encouraged the referee to count out Xiake while it was stuck. However, the referee did not count Xiake out of the battle, and the robot was turned off and on, as signaled by the LED's behind the robot's drum, which had started spinning again, and Xiake escaped, to the visible joy of the referee. Once Xiake re-entered the battle, it reasserted itself by driving under the side of Cat King to ram it into the wall housing the Grinder. Cat King's team were visibly upset, while Xiake rammed Cat King into the Grinder, completing seven rams before time expired on the battle.

"I kept it going because in that match, because they were stuck. Twenty seconds! We have it on video, we can count it on the video!"
— Team Food Fight on Xiake's immobility

The battle was sent to a Judges' decision, after Xiake had appeared to have dominated the fight. However, the captain of Team Food Fight asserted that Xiake had been immobile for twenty seconds during the battle without being counted out, and reminded the celebrities and Judges that a robot may only be immobile for ten seconds. Both the Judges and the celebrities reviewed the footage of the battle, and based on Xiake's twenty seconds of inactivity, the victory was awarded to Cat King. Despite Xiake's loss, it still advanced to the Top 8 as one of the two active members in the Red team.

Xiake Sandstorm Wheel

Xiake removes a wheel from Sandstorm

Xiake sandstorm

Xiake's ground clearance is breached by Sandstorm

In its quarter-final, Xiake faced Sandstorm of the Green team. The fight started with both robots charging at each other, and Sandstorm smashed into Xiake's drum head-on with an impact that not only threw it into the air, but also caused a wheel to become dislodged. Xiake took an early lead, and initially succeeding in dodging all of Sandstorm's charges, but eventually Sandstorm succeeded in getting under its opponent.

Sandstorm Xiake 2

Xiake is smashed into the arena spikes by Sandstorm

Sandstorm Xiake 3

Xiake throws Sandstorm for the knockout

Xiake dancing

Xiake dances as Sandstorm is counted out

As Sandstorm found itself unable to utilize this this attack, Xiake escaped. Due to Xiake's wedgelets being so close to the floor, this made it challenging for Sandstorm to get underneath Xiake. After a few more attempts to get underneath the Chinese machine, Sandstorm finally succeeded in getting underneath it properly, and slammed Xiake into the wall spikes. As Xiake managed to escape again though, a mistimed attack by Sandstorm meant it drove into Xiake's drum. This impact caused a belt to fall from Sandstorm, which precariously landed on its own wedge in such a way that its wheels did not make contact with the floor. Unable to self-right from this position, Xiake could be seen dancing in the background as Sandstorm was counted out and declared KO'ed, awarding Xiake the victory.

Tánshè vs Xiake 1

Xiake throws Tánshè onto its back

Tánshè vs Xiake 2

The damaged wedge of Tánshè proves unable to drive under Xiake

In the semi-final of the competition, Xiake fought the British flipper of Tánshè, as the only Chinese representative left in the competition. Immediately, Xiake demonstrated that it had a lower frontal ground clearance, and breached the wedge of Tánshè to lift the robot up. On a second contact, Xiake drove under Tánshè completely, holding the British flipper on its top momentarily. Xiake edged Tánshè backwards, although it briefly drove onto the flipper of Tánshè, which did not activate despite the cries of Zheng Shuang. Xiake then drove under the fleeing Tánshè, and threw sparks off its underside, before a more solid blow threw Tánshè over completely. Tánshè self-righted quickly, but Xiake followed up with an attack to its side. Tánshè still wasn't making offensive moves, and skirted over Xiake's wedge to hit the drum again. This damaged Tánshè's front lip, which prevented it from getting under the side of Xiake for a flip. Xiake again continued circling its opponent, landing several glancing blows on Tánshè's wedge through repeated attacks.

"It's very difficult to get underneath Xiake, he's got some very very sharp wedges, and he hits very hard."
— Gabriel Stroud
Tánshè vs Xiake 3

Xiake overturns Tánshè with a big hit

Tánshè vs Xiake 4

A wheel falls out of Tánshè after an attack from Xiake

When Tánshè made an offensive drive forwards, Xiake's drum threw it over, and Tánshè took two attempts in order to self-right, before driving straight back into Xiake's drum while rearing up. Xiake's dominance continued over its next few slams, and managed to land a critical blow, ripping an entire wheel out of Tánshè through impact alone. Although Tánshè could still drive freely without this wheel, Xiake continued to grind at the rear of it, and sent it spiralling over with a frontal drum-on-wedge impact. Tánshè self-righted, only to have armour torn off by Xiake.

"You can't go into the front of him!"
— Gabriel Stroud to driver John Reid
Tánshè vs Xiake 5

Tánshè flips Xiake over

Finally, Tánshè launched its first attack of the match after reaching the side of Xiake to overturn it, propelling it into the wall behind the Grinder after Xiake's drum collided with the firing flipper. Xiake's drum started to grind at the surface of the floor, and was forced to take evasive action. Tánshè drove Xiake backwards, lifting it lightly, and Xiake also collided with the Grinder twice by its own accord. With only a few seconds remaining, Tánshè pinned Xiake against the arena wall, and edged it to the corner of the arena. Driver John Reid told his weapon operator Gabriel Stroud to wait for a good flip, attempting to line up the perfect flip to throw Xiake out of the arena, but when Reid gave Stroud the signal, it was too late, and Tánshè missed with its flip. Tánshè drove Xiake into another wall, where Xiake lost drive on one side, late into the battle.

"He's broken! Ten seconds!"
— Gabriel Stroud
Tánshè vs Xiake 6

Xiake loses drive on one side at the end of the battle

Gabriel Stroud quickly alerted the referee that Xiake was unable to move freely, and the referee rushed over to count Xiake out, while Tánshè held off. The referee began his count, and reached 'two', but time elapsed on the battle before the referee could count any further. Xiake was saved by the timer, and proceeded to a Judges' decision, but on the grounds of Xiake's late immobility, it was eliminated from the competition at this stage by the Judges. Wu Chun and Xiake's team were confused and upset by this decision, but Xiake was relegated to the third place playoff.

Xiake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 1

Shrederator Tiger Claw struggles to regain balance after a hit from Xiake

In the third place playoff, Xiake fought Shrederator Tiger Claw for the second time, in a battle not aired as part of the main episode. Xiake spun its weapon up to speed more quickly than Shrederator Tiger Claw, and the latter retreated to gain more speed, throwing sparks when both weapons briefly collided. Xiake landed a bigger hit to the shell spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, and then pushed it back into a Grinder. Shrederator Tiger Claw then tried to launch its own attack, but ran into the drum of Xiake and was thrown up, remaining off-balance for a while after failing to land flat. Xiake waited for the gyroscopic motions to cease, and Shrederator Tiger Claw returned to solid ground to make its escape.

Xiake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 2

Xiake throws Shrederator Tiger Claw high into the air

Xiake charged into the spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, but was punted away, but responded by closing in to throw Shrederator Tiger Claw high into the air with a powerful attack. Shrederator Tiger Claw scraped the side of Xiake, and then both collided for an even clash which ripped away a piece of armour from Xiake, but Xiake landed a follow-up attack on Shrederator Tiger Claw. Xiake was now hesitant to attack, and Shrederator Tiger Claw clipped the front corner of Xiake to toss it aside. Both robots held off until Xiake backed Shrederator Tiger Claw into the wall, which narrowly avoided the arena hammer to hit the side of Xiake again.

Xiake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 3

Shrederator Tiger Claw causes late damage to Xiake's wedge

With less than a minute remaining, both robots were very tentative, with Xiake's wedge now seemingly unable to breach the ground clearance of Shrederator Tiger Claw. Eventually, Shrederator Tiger Claw managed to rip the front wedge away from Xiake entirely, but this also meant that Xiake could now bring its weapon back into play, and it charged Shrederator Tiger Claw twice in succession. Xiake's drum was no longer spinning, and was loosely attached in general, with Shrederator Tiger Claw once again striking the front of the machine, also briefly wedging under it to attack the underside of Xiake.

Time expired on a very close battle, and the Judges declared that Xiake had won, based on its earlier dominance in the match. As such, Xiake achieved third place in This is Fighting Robots.


This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)
Main Championship
Third Place
Preliminary Rumble vs. 008, Ninja, Saturn Selected
Rumble vs. Model Teenager, Snow Leopard Won
Tag Team (with Vulcan) vs. 008, Greedy Snake Lost
NOTE: Wu Chun later won a head-to-head battle with another robot, allowing him to reinstate Xiake as part of the Red team.
Celebrity Rumble vs. Greedy Snake, Shrederator Tiger Claw Lost
Head-to-Head vs. Cat King Lost
Quarter-Final vs. Sandstorm Won
Semi-Final vs. Tánshè Lost
Third Place Playoff vs. Shrederator Tiger Claw Won
NOTE: Play-off not shown during broadcast.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3

NOTE: Xiake's preliminary rumble is not considered a win or a loss.

Series RecordEdit

Series Xiake Series Record
Season 1 Runner-up with Chiyung Jinlun
Season 1.5 Third Place

Outside King of BotsEdit

Before appearing on King of Bots, the Xiake team competed in the Chinese FMB (Fighting My Bots) competitions with the featherweight Little Beezlebub from Impasse. A four-wheeled robot featuring a similar shape and drum weapon to their KoB Season 1 entry Chiyung Jinlun, Little Beezlebub from Impasse debuted at the inaugural FMB Championship in 2016, where it finished runner-up to Gagu Snake.

In addition to this, their other Heavyweight, Chiyung Jinlun was on the waiting list for RoboGames in 2018, but ultimately did not compete.


Little Devil's statistics

At the King of Bots featherweight championship held in the United Kingdom at the gaming festival Insomnia, the team entered a scaled-down version of Xiake named Little Devil, also known as FROG. It lost its first battle to Telekinesis after becoming stuck on part of the arena floor, and then lost to Orpheus after becoming stuck in the wall. This happened for a third time against Saber-X, but Little Devil was freed by its opponent, and won the battle after Saber-X became stuck in the same manner. Little Devil qualified for the Top 20, and defeated the substitute entry Orpheus by ripping the robot apart with a devastating hit, although it lost its Top 8 qualifier to Rocket after driving into the pit. Although Little Devil had one last chance in its losers melee against Orpheus and Get Shrekt, Little Devil once again wedged itself inside the arena wall, and exited the competition at this stage.


  • As the only Chinese robot in the Top 4 of the competition, Xiake was the most successful Chinese robot in This is Fighting Robots, a title shared by Chiyung Jinlun in King of Bots.