旋风主烤官 (translated as Grill Judge or BBQ Judge, and known colloquially by its team name Two BBQ[1]) was a robot from Jinzhou, Liaoning, China, which competed in the first season of King of Bots, and Season 1.5 through its involvement with This is Fighting Robots. Equipped with a vertical bar spinner, it emphatically won its first-round battle against Chinese Aegis, after damaging and immobilizing the latter within seconds, then reduced Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield to a flaming wreck in the second round. Following these victories, it would proceed to win again against American entry Blue to reach the fourth round. There, it was finally defeated by the eventual champion Spectre.

In Season 1.5, Two BBQ was selected by Sa Beining to become a member of the Yellow team, and widely feared by other roboteers throughout the course of the season. Under Beining's captaincy, it earned a devastating win against Hammer Hammer during the second round, before suffering an early exit in the Tag Team rounds after losing to Megabyte and Bulldozer. It was reinstated later into the competition as part of Zhang Yishan's blue team, but lost its only battle under this captaincy to Red River Hong after its weapon stopped working, as well as the eight-robot rumble when it became immobilized halfway into the fight, even if it managed to get revenge on Spectre by taking it out earlier during fight.



Two BBQ with its team in Season 1

Two BBQ was a four-wheel driven, box-shaped robot armed with an asymmetrical vertical bar spinner. The robot featured a wide front wedge or four smaller hinged wedges to lead other robots into the spinner, which spun at 2,500rpm. This spinner was not only powerful enough to destroy armor, but also throw entire robots into the air and allow Two BBQ to self-right if it became inverted. Two BBQ was painted black with orange and yellow flames on its wedge and armor panels, although its wheels were exposed at the rear.

In order to battle Spectre, Two BBQ was modified to combat the crusher by surrounding its front end and sides with polycarbonate walls, negating the height of the crusher. In order to allow the necessary weight for this modification, Two BBQ's front wedge had to be removed.


Rear view of Two BBQ in Season 1.5

Two BBQ and Spear and Shield

Two BBQ (right) in the arena with Spear and Shield

For This is Fighting Robots, Two BBQ was redesigned, this time featuring a beefier profile. Once again, the robot featured an asymmetrical vertical bar spinner, but like the chassis, the weapon was strengthened and painted red. Like before, the robot was a four-wheel drive box-shaped robot with the two rear wheels exposed in the back, although the wheels this time around were larger than the ones in the front. The paint job remained nearly unchanged, however red coloring was added to the mix with the aforementioned bar spinner, and chain guard.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots (Season 1)Edit

Grill Judge vs Chinese Aegis

The initial collision between Two BBQ and Chinese Aegis

Two BBQ made its King of Bots debut in Episode 2, where it fought the full-body spinner Chinese Aegis in the first round. It hesitated in the opening seconds as both robots got their spinning weapons up to speed, before charging into Chinese Aegis. Sparks flew as Two BBQ shepherded Chinese Aegis towards the wall – a second hit launched Chinese Aegis into the spikes, ripping its shell apart and immobilizing it completely. Two BBQ drove towards and spun away from Chinese Aegis, but attacked no further as the latter was counted out - it gyro-danced and spun round in celebration as its victory was confirmed, after one of the shortest battles in King of Bots history to date.

Grill Judge vs Mighty Crossbow

Two BBQ tosses its opponent into the air

Grill Judge vs Steel Shield

Two BBQ shatters its burning foe

In the second round, Two BBQ faced a multibot, Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield. Two BBQ immediately targeted the flipper robot, and pushed it across the arena before ripping away the panel of its wedge within seven seconds. After Two BBQ backed away, it came in with another slam to batter the flipper half of Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield into the air with a somersault, ripping open its back end. The opponent was now emitting copious amounts of smoke, but amidst the camouflage, Two BBQ landed another shattering blow to toss it into the wall. The entirety of Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield was counted out because of this, leaving Grill Judge to threaten the smaller wedge robot, which was still active, until the battle was ended.

Grill Judge vs Blue 1

Two BBQ catapults Blue across the arena

Grill Judge vs Blue 2

Two BBQ sends Blue spinning with one of several head-on attacks

The third round saw Two BBQ face American entry Blue; for this battle, it was equipped with the hinged wedgelets, as well as extra top armor panels to withstand blows from its opponent’s axe. In the opening seconds, Two BBQ waited in the red square until it got its weapon up to speed, before charging into the front of Blue and pushing it back across the arena. Both teams fired smokescreens in each other’s control areas as this happened, with Two BBQ proceeding to shepherd Blue into the corner while tearing parts of its front and side armor off and gouging through its chassis. Seconds later, it catapulted Blue across the arena with a powerful blow, before slamming it into the wall spikes and causing more sparks to fly with another head-on attack. Briefly pushing Blue over the flame jets, Two BBQ turned away, only to slam into Blue’s front wedge once again and send it spinning away. Continuing its pursuit, it proceeded to push and lure Blue across the arena, occasionally tearing chunks out of the latter’s anti-spinner armor. Two BBQ briefly gyro-danced over one of the floor flippers, before slamming into Blue once again – the impact launched Blue into the corner and tore its anti-spinner panel open.

Grill Judge Blue sparks

Sparks fly as Two BBQ's spinner makes contact with Blue's wedge

Grill Judge throws Blue

Two BBQ seals victory by throwing Blue over

Inflicting more damage to Blue’s front, Two BBQ continued to chase and push the American machine around the arena; eventually, it attacked Blue’s front twice more, sending a shower of sparks across the arena and destroying the latter’s anti-spinner panel further. The two competitors separated, before Two BBQ lured Blue close to the circular saws. As Blue was stopped and lifted by the saws, Two BBQ attacked its opponent’s wedge – sending even more sparks flying everywhere - and pushed Blue back over the saws. Its bar spinner clipped the bottom of Blue’s wedge, sending the latter flying and almost ripping the wedge off completely. With Blue unable to self-right as a result of a malfunctioning axe, Two BBQ emerged victorious via what was shown to be its third-consecutive knockout. However, as Blue had not been immobilized until the closing seconds, the battle actually went to a Judges’ decision; after bumping into the circular saws, Two BBQ subsequently attacked Blue again shortly after time ran out.[2] Neither the decision, nor Two BBQ’s late attack, were shown or mentioned in the televised episode.

Spectre vs Grill Judge 1

Two BBQ rips both of Spectre's teeth off

Spectre flips Grill Judge

Two BBQ is flipped by a charge from Spectre

In the fourth round, Two BBQ faced another international competitor in the form of British crusher Spectre; prior to the battle, its team removed the robot's front wedge and attached polycarbonate walls to prevent Spectre’s crusher from grabbing hold of it. In the opening seconds, it turned away and dodged Spectre’s initial charge, and ripped both of its crusher’s teeth off as the two robots drove head-on into each other. Two BBQ momentarily pushed Spectre back, only for Spectre to quickly reverse away; the next head-on collision caused Two BBQ to flip itself over, its bar spinner hitting the floor and causing the machine to spin. This resulted in it self-righting within seconds, although the impact caused two of Two BBQ’s belts to break as Spectre bumped and rammed it into the spikes again. As before, the two robots briefly pushed each other around, sparks flying as Two BBQ’s spinner clipped Spectre’s crusher. They separated in the center of the arena; almost immediately, Two BBQ swerved into Spectre’s front, but exposed its back end, allowing Spectre to ram it towards the grinders at high speed.

Spectre vs Grill Judge 2

Two BBQ is pinned against the corner by Spectre

Spectre vs Grill Judge 3

Two BBQ is positioned towards the grinders by Spectre...

Spectre vs Grill Judge grinder

...sustaining damage with each successive ram from its opponent

Two BBQ slipped off of Spectre’s wedge as the latter drove into and was thrown backwards into the grinder – it ended up in the corner, throwing itself backwards as it drove spinner-first into the grinder mount. Spinning round, Two BBQ was collected by Spectre again, which attempted to grab Two BBQ from the front while pinning and pushing it along the corner. Two BBQ’s spinner continued to damage Spectre’s crusher as this happened, although it was not enough to prevent it from being repeatedly rammed by Spectre. Eventually, it reversed out of the corner, and succeeded in dislodging one of Spectre’s eyes – however, Two BBQ was shepherded into the red square and grabbed from the side by Spectre, which proceeded to drive it into one of the grinders. Shrapnel flew as Two BBQ’s spinner hit an approaching Spectre again, with Two BBQ being pushed into the corner before Spectre clamped and repeatedly rammed it into the grinder again. Struggling to drive away, Two BBQ was pushed forwards across the arena by Spectre, but escaped, again driving into Spectre’s front and causing light damage to its crusher and wedge.

Spectre damages Grill Judge replay

Two BBQ is rammed into the wall spikes by Spectre, destroying one of its polycarbonate walls

Two BBQ briefly pursued Spectre across the arena, only to be pushed around in circles by the British entrant. The two competitors momentarily separated, with Two BBQ turning as Spectre got underneath its right-rear wheel and pushed it from behind. A high-speed ram into the wall spikes resulted in one of Two BBQ’s polycarbonate walls shattering, with Two BBQ itself left helpless as Spectre rammed it into the grinders several more times. These impacts resulted in Two BBQ losing mobility – with seconds of the battle remaining, it was counted out, to the dismay of the Two Barbeques team. As a result, Two BBQ lost the battle via knockout, and was eliminated from the competition, although not without receiving praise from Team Robo Challenge, Spectre’s builders.

"We thought that they were the very top of the Chinese machines. Two BBQ has been the best so far – it’s been another step up from that. It’s been really good to beat them, but at the same time, we’d like to say huge congratulations to them. They’ve done an amazing job, and we really look forward to fighting them in the future."
— Grant Cooper praises Two BBQ and its team after the battle

This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)Edit

Two BBQ was selected by Sa Beining to join the Yellow team, and was perceived by the opposing teams as one of the largest threats outside of the robots selected by Zheng Shaung of the Green team. All teams were extremely fearful of Two BBQ, with Shuang specifically being advised by her roboteers not to battle it. When Two BBQ was selected to fight in the second round, only one other robot accepted the challenge - Hammer Hammer.

Two BBQ vs Hammer Hammer 2

Hammer Hammer strikes Two BBQ

Two BBQ vs Hammer Hammer 3

Two BBQ throws Hammer Hammer over

The head-to-head battle was shown as part of a montage, with very little content shown. Hammer Hammer charged in and struck the top of Two BBQ with its hammer, although Two BBQ successfully spun up its weapon and threw Hammer Hammer over in a frontal attack. Hammer Hammer could not self-right, and Two BBQ emerged victorious via knockout.

Megabyte vs Two BBQ 1

Sparks fly as Two BBQ sustains a head-on collision with Megabyte

Two BBQ vs Megabyte pit

Two BBQ sends Megabyte recoiling towards the pit, but ends up getting flipped over by a grinder during the same attack

In the Tag Team round, Two BBQ was partnered with Spear and Shield, the successor to its very first opponent in King of Bots, Chinese Aegis. Together, they fought Bulldozer of the Red team and Megabyte of the Green team. In the opening moments, Two BBQ drove steadily across the arena towards Megabyte, initially dodging and turning away from the American full-body spinner. However, as it lifted itself and spun over the flame jets, Two BBQ sustained a head-on blow from Megabyte; sparks flew as both robots’ spinning weapons connected, resulting in Two BBQ’s bar spinner being snapped in half and the whole robot ricocheting into the wall spikes. With its spinner and weapon belts broken, Two BBQ reversed and turned round, before driving head-on into Megabyte.

Megabyte vs Spear and Shield vs Two BBQ

Two BBQ sustains more damage from Megabyte, long after its elimination

The resulting impact sent Megabyte flying towards and over the pit; however, Two BBQ was also thrown into a nearby grinder and flipped over at the same time. Unable to drive upside-down or use its half-broken spinner to self-right, it was therefore considered immobile and eliminated from the battle via knockout. A few moments later, Two BBQ sustained more damage from Megabyte as the latter attacked Spear and Shield, eventually having the remainder of its spinner broken off. As a result, Two BBQ was eliminated from the competition along with Spear and Shield, ending its Season 1.5 run early.

It was not the end for Two BBQ, however, as Zhang Yishan competed in a celebrity rumble, driving Greedy Snake to victory over Xiake and Shrederator Tiger Claw. As a reward for his win, Zhang Yishan was allowed to add a defeated robot to his team, and he chose Two BBQ to join the blue team. After Wu Chun issued the challenge with Red River Hong, both Zheng Shuang and Zhang Yishan answered the call, with Sandstorm and Two BBQ respectively. Wu Chun chose to battle Two BBQ, allowing it to fight under Yishan's captaincy for the first time.

Red River Hong vs Two BBQ 1

Two BBQ throws Red River Hong over with its first impact

Red River Hong vs Two BBQ 2

Two BBQ lands a hit which threw Red River Hong over a meter into the air

While both robots powered up their spinners, Red River Hong was directionless in its drive, driving in odd angles before eventually driving its side directly into Two BBQ's blade, and was thrown over. Two BBQ followed this up, punching Red River Hong backwards. This prompted Red River Hong to flee again, but a devastating hit from Two BBQ threw Red River Hong over a meter into the air, straight towards the corner of the arena. Wu Chun activated the smokescreen in front of the Two BBQ team to limit their vision, which caused Two BBQ to drive around aimlessly, missing with its charges until it finally overturned Red River Hong with its wedge, also using its wedge to fling Red River Hong into the air as a follow-up attack.

Red River Hong vs Two BBQ 3

Two BBQ uses its wedge to flick Red River Hong, before its drum ripped the wedge away

Red River Hong vs Two BBQ 4

Two BBQ's weapon belt slips

However, when Red River Hong landed, its drum collided with one of Two BBQ's wedges, ripping it from the robot. Relatively unfazed, Two BBQ struck the back of Red River Hong, and then punched its drum to push the robot back. While using 'gyro-dancing' to right itself, Red River Hong instead brought its top panel directly into Two BBQ's spinner, but despite its lack of direction when attempting to leave the corner of the arena, Red River Hong was still surviving. Red River Hong coasted into Two BBQ, slamming its side panel into the vertical bar spinner, but this caused Two BBQ's weapon belt to fall loose, leaving the robot without a functional weapon.

Red River Hong vs Two BBQ 5

Two BBQ is overturned by Red River Hong

Red River Hong vs Two BBQ 6

Two BBQ leans against the Grinder, pinned and immobile

This afforded Red River Hong a chance to strike, hitting Two BBQ's weapon using its drum to completely silence the weapon. Red River Hong then crashed into the front of Two BBQ, and used its drum to throw Two BBQ over. Two BBQ could still run inverted, and slammed into the Grinder to try and self-right, but landed the same way up again. On its path to another Grinder, Red River Hong intercepted Two BBQ's charge and knocked it into the air, so upon Two BBQ's landing, it was then leaning against the housing of the Grinder, pinned on its spinner and its one remaining wedge. Two BBQ was counted out, and was eliminated from the competition in an unexpected loss.

Grill judge and megabyte

Two BBQ loses a wedge to Megabyte

Spectre and grill judge teeth

Two BBQ attacks Spectre, the later loosing a tooth from the impact.

Two BBQ also fought in the Eight-robot Rumble as a representative of Zheng Shuang's green team. There, it fought Golden Hoops, Lieutenant Bam, Megabyte, Spear and Shield, Spectre, Thunder and Lightning, and Wrecker. There, it initially remained in the background, only involving itself after Spear and Shield was taken out by Megabyte, said machine also ripping off one of Two BBQ's wedges as it drew too close to it. Unfazed though, Two BBQ turned around and made a charge towards Spectre, its blade destroying one of the British machines teeth when Spectre tried to bite down onto the spinning blade. This caused major internal damage to Spectre, which also proved to be enough to immobilize it.

Grill judge and wrecker

Two BBQ flings Wrecker into the air

Two BBq broken belts

The partially immobile Two BBQ and its torn weapon drive belt.

As Spectre was counted out, Two BBQ made another charge this time towards Wrecker, the impact sending the American machine flying across the arena and into Megabyte who pelted Wrecker, defeating it. This proved to be Two BBQ's last real contribution to the rumble though. While it could briefly be seen driving around in some subsequent shots, no further attacks from Two BBQ were shown until it seemed to have lost drive on one side, with its weapon drive belt torn under unknown circumstances. Two BBQ could then be seen in the background making sporadic movements during the rest of the rumble, and while it wasn't officially declared KO'ed. The judges declared Thunder and Lightning to be the winners of the match, based on the immobility of all machines other than Thunder and Lightning and Golden Hoops, meaning Two BBQ had lost.


King of Bots (Season 1)
Main Championship
Fourth Round
Round 1 vs. Chinese Aegis Won
Round 2 vs. Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield Won
Round 3 vs. Blue Won
Round 4 vs. Spectre Lost
This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)
Main Championship
Head-to-Head vs. Hammer Hammer Won
Tag Team
(with Spear and Shield)
vs. Bulldozer, Megabyte Lost
NOTE: Zhang Yishan later chose to reinstate Two BBQ as a member of the blue team
Head-to-Head vs. Red River Hong Lost
Eight-robot Rumble vs. Golden Hoops, Lieutenant Bam, Megabyte, Spear and Shield, Spectre, Thunder and Lightning, Wrecker Lost


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 4

Series RecordEdit

Series Two BBQ Series Record
Season 1 Round 4
Season 1.5 Selected by celebrity, one win


  • English-speaking roboteers in attendance such as Gary Cairns nicknamed the robot "BBQ Man" at the filming of Season 1.
    • The initial English translation of the robot's name also dubbed Two BBQ by the awkward name of "Tornado Officer Main Grilled".



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