Spectre was a heavyweight robot which emerged victorious in Season 1 of King of Bots, also returning for Season 1.5 by competing in This is Fighting Robots. It used a crushing jaw and innovative use of sophisticated technologies to create a highly technical robot. Spectre was entered by British roboteers, Team Robo Challenge (referred to on the show as Team Spectre), consisting of engineer brothers Grant and James Cooper, their father Nick, and Henry Imbert.

Spectre won its first two rounds against Red from the Flames and Whirlwind via knockout. Spectre subsequently won its third round against Wild Beast on a Judges' decision following a double knockout, before achieving a critical knockout win over Two BBQ to reach the semi-finals. There, it defeated Thunder and Lightning to face Chiyung Jinlun in the final, ultimately winning the tournament and becoming the inaugural King of Bots champion.

Spectre was the second selection of Zheng Shuang in Season 1.5, allowing it to advance to the main bracket, although it came under immediate difficulty after being severely damaged by White Tiger Guardian, but it still won the Judges' decision, and proceeded to win a tag team battle directly afterwards. However, Spectre suffered its first loss after it was repeatedly thrown around by the British flipper of Formula, damaging Spectre's self-righting mechanism, and it was also immobilized by Two BBQ in the Eight-robot Rumble.



Spectre with Team Robo Challenge

Spectre srimech

A single-toothed Spectre demonstrates its self-righting mechanism in the arena

Spectre was a sleek four-wheel drive, wedge-shaped robot powered by a 14s Lithium Polymer battery, armed with a crushing beak weapon featuring sets of large interchangeable teeth and 14 tonnes of force. The beak used an innovative hydraulic system, which allowed the robot's jaws to close immediately and clamp down on other robots, before changing pressures upon making contact with them to function as a conventional crusher. The design of Spectre's crushing jaw made the robot look like a canine with the shape of its "head", black eyes and two saber teeth, which could be exchanged with a single black tooth to suit different opponents. In addition to this powerful armament, Spectre also had a rear-mounted lifter designed to help the robot self-right. It proved fast and highly maneuverable in combat, and was capable of controlling, ramming or crushing other robots. Spectre was reportedly so close to the 110kg weight limit, that by placing a few British pound coins into the robot, Spectre became overweight in an experiment.

Spectre 1.5

Spectre in This is Fighting Robots

For This is Fighting Robots, Spectre was redesigned from the ground up to feature new internals including a custom built cylinder for the self-righting mechanism, aircraft grade hydraulic hoses which reduced the robot's weight by 2.5kg, and a lighter valve block as well as some extensive use of carbon fibre structural pieces. [1][2]

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots (Season 1)Edit

Hawk Hunter vs Spectre

Spectre clamps down on Red from the Flames as it steers it towards the grinder

In the first round, Spectre fought Red from the Flames. Spectre was the far quicker machine of the two, zipping across the arena and immediately charging towards the sides of Red from the Flames where it clamped down using its jaws. Spectre carefully controlled Red from the Flames towards one of the arena grinders where small chunks of the back corner were shredded off and top armour plate dented upwards. Flailing its lifters, Red from the Flames eventually got away, after Spectre let go, but was caught seconds later from behind by the jaws of Spectre who buckled the back of Red from the Flames.

Hawk hunter burns

Red from the Flames burns

Red from the Flames got away once again only to grappled by Spectre from the opposite side panel of where it crushed before. Red from the Flames twitched its lifter as it was carried away by Spectre towards the flame jets where it is held to burn by Spectre. Red from the Flames evacuated and turned to the pursuing Spectre. Red from the Flames ignited its flamethrower and turned in circles as Spectre struggled to get another bite.

Hawk Hunter vs Spectre explosion

The flamethrower of Red from the Flames explodes following another attack from Spectre

Spectre smashed the front of Red from the Flames and crushed it once more. Red from the Flames struggled to move as it was slammed into the sidewall spikes, and left behind. Upon leaving Red from the Flames behind, it became apparent that it had lost all mobility. Spectre came in for one more attack, but as it clamped down, Red from the Flames' flamethrower had erupted inside the robot blowing up in a fiery spectacle. Red from the Flames soon caught fire immediately after the explosion, and was shunted about by Spectre as a final attack before the referee declared Spectre the winner, and it qualified for the second round.

In the second round, Spectre faced the overhead spinner of Whirlwind; before the battle, Team Spectre emphasized their need to attack Whirlwind early before it could spin up its weapon.

"Definitely, with the big spinning top… once it’s up to speed, it’s very difficult for us to pierce it, so we have to get in on [Whirlwind] very quickly."
— James Cooper explains the main challenge Spectre faces against Whirlwind
Spectre vs Whirlwind 1

Spectre drags Whirlwind over the flame jets

As the battle started, Spectre immediately sped into Whirlwind, grabbing hold of one of its spinning hammers and pinning it against the wall spikes. It repeatedly pushed and dragged Whirlwind into the spikes, momentarily letting go of its opponent before ramming it under the hammer. Spectre’s teeth held fast on top of Whirlwind’s weapon again, allowing it to drag Whirlwind over the flame jets and ram it into one of the grinders. During this attack however, Spectre’s right-front tire delaminated and sheared off; this had no effect on the robot’s traction, however, as it repeatedly bit Whirlwind and slammed it into the grinders and walls.

Spectre lifts Whirlwind

Spectre carries Whirlwind towards the grinders

The Shiny team activated a smokescreen in Team Robo Challenge’s control area, briefly obscuring their vision; Spectre lifted Whirlwind as its teeth sank through the latter’s top armor panel. Momentarily letting go, Spectre clamped Whirlwind and forcefully rammed it into the wall again; its next attack resulted in it gripping part of Whirlwind’s spinner and lifting the entire robot off the floor. Spectre carried Whirlwind towards and over one of the grinders, which forced Whirlwind upwards and caused it to get wedged behind the hazard. Instantly, Spectre was declared to have won via knockout once again – its final attack on Whirlwind earned particular praise from judge Ian Lewis after the battle.

Ling Zhou: "Wow guys, congratulation[s]! You guys delivered a smash-down! How do you feel right now?"
James Cooper: "It was incredible. I mean, we were a bit worried about that big spinner and we lost one of our front tires quite early on in the match. But Grant drove really well and we put loads of holes in [Whirlwind], and in the end, the gnargalator got them."
— Team Spectre speak to Ling Zhou in the post-battle interview

The third round saw Spectre face drum spinner Wild Beast – prior to the battle, Team Robo Challenge opted to exchange the crusher’s twin teeth in favor of a single, centrally-mounted one.

"We’re against a really nasty opponent next – probably the best Chinese robot in the competition. So, it’ll be an interesting one."
— Grant Cooper prior to Spectre’s battle against Wild Beast
Spectre vs Wild Beast 1

Spectre sinks its crusher into Wild Beast's wheel well

Spectre vs Wild Beast 2

Spectre sustains damage as it tries to clamp Wild Beast's drum

Immediately, it drove and bumped into Wild Beast, pursuing and dodging the Chinese machine while sustaining light damage from the latter’s drum. Spectre continued to do so until it got underneath Wild Beast from the side, sinking its tooth behind Wild Beast’s right-front wheel while ramming it into the wall spikes. It proceeded to drive Wild Beast into one of the grinders, knocking one of the latter’s armor blocks off, before dragging it back into the red square and letting go. Some time after, Spectre grabbed Wild Beast again, this time from the front; after avoiding one of the hammers, it proceeded to push Wild Beast back across the arena into the far wall. At the same time, it let go of Wild Beast’s front and attempted to grab it by the drum; successive collisions between its crusher and Wild Beast’s drum resulted in Spectre’s single tooth being sheared off.

Spectre Wild Beast flames

Spectre holds Wild Beast over the flame jets...

Spectre Wild Beast saws

...then against one of the circular saws

Spectre vs Wild Beast 3

One of Spectre's drive chains (right) breaks as it pushes Wild Beast back

Despite also losing its eyes and having its right-rear tire slip off, Spectre successfully stopped Wild Beast’s drum, and reversed away. It rammed into the front of Wild Beast again as the latter drove sluggishly; seconds later, Spectre reversed, drove round and clamped it again from the rear, while proceeding to push and hold it over flame jets. Once more, it rammed Wild Beast into the walls and grinders, causing considerable damage to Wild Beast’s chassis as a result. The two robots separated again, but Spectre again clamped Wild Beast from the side as it pushed its opponent over the circular saws; seconds later, it rammed Wild Beast into the wall again, albeit not without driving itself into the saws in pursuit. Again, the toothless Spectre clamped Wild Beast’s side and maneuvered it across the arena; after briefly hesitating near one of the hammers, it pushed Wild Beast into the saws and walls, and attempted to steer it over the flame jets once again. Spectre rammed Wild Beast into the grinders one more time before letting go; it then attempted to grab Wild Beast’s drum again, temporarily stopping the weapon and causing one of the drum’s discs to loosen.

Wild Beast Spectre hammer

Wild Beast pushes Spectre under the hammer

Wild Beast Spectre double immobilization

The two competitors are left immobilized simultaneously

However, as it pushed Wild Beast back, Spectre’s right-hand drive chain broke apart, compromising its maneuvrability as both robots shuffled and nudged each other opposite the nearby hammer. Spectre was pushed back under the hammer by Wild Beast, then into the spikes, sustaining light damage as it was turned round by the latter. With seconds of the battle remaining, Wild Beast completely lost mobility; as it had been partially lifted off the floor by the latter’s wedges, Spectre was unable to drive away either. Time ran out, with both robots surviving to a Judges’ decision. The decision ruled in favor of Spectre, to the jubilation of Team Spectre and applause from the Wild Beast team.

In the fourth round, Spectre faced a threatening vertica

l spinner, Two BBQ, which Team Spectre were extremely cautious of. Before the battle, the team decided to revert its crusher to its twin teeth setup, as a result of their experience with the single tooth, and replace all four of its wheels with blue ones.

"Two BBQ has been seen throughout the whole competition to cause a lot of damage, and it has been seen all around the pits. Everybody’s talking about this, I think, one of the most dangerous machines in the competition."
— Grant Cooper on Two BBQ
Spectre vs Grill Judge 1

Both of Spectre's teeth are ripped off by Two BBQ's spinner

Spectre flips Grill Judge

A charge from Spectre flips Two BBQ over

Immediately, Spectre charged at an evading Two BBQ, sliding and turning round to get underneath its opponent from the front. Its crusher made contact with Two BBQ’s spinner, sending sparks and both of its teeth flying across the arena as it was being pushed back. Spectre reversed and rammed into Two BBQ, the collision causing Two BBQ to flip over and kick itself back upright with its own spinner. Again, it drove into the front of Two BBQ, ramming it at high speed into the wall spikes, the two robots momentarily pushing each other in the corner as Spectre withstood another blow. Eventually, they separated in the center of the arena, with Spectre proceeding to get underneath Two BBQ from the rear and drive it towards the grinder. However, it drove into and was thrown back by the grinder itself, sustaining damage to its wedge, but retreated to grapple with Two BBQ once again, pinning it against the corner.

Spectre vs Grill Judge 2

Spectre pins Two BBQ alongside the wall...

Spectre vs Grill Judge 3

...before taking it to the grinders

Sustaining more damage to its crusher, Spectre drove Two BBQ alongside the wall, before repeatedly driving it back and forth against the nearby spikes. It pushed, chased and collided with Two BBQ yet again, losing one of its decorative eyes in the process, before grabbing Two BBQ by the right-rear wheelguard and repeatedly driving it into one of the grinders. This was enough to damage Two BBQ’s wedge mounts and polycarbonate walls; more shrapnel flew as Spectre pushed and tried to clamp Two BBQ by the spinner again, again successfully pinning the Chinese machine against the corner. Once more, it grabbed Two BBQ from the side and maneuvered it into the grinder, sending more pieces of the latter’s walls flying on contact.

Spectre vs Grill Judge grinder

The two machines are lifted as Spectre continues clamping and ramming Two BBQ into the grinders

Spectre damages Grill Judge replay

A high-speed charge allows Spectre to damage Two BBQ's 'walls' even further

Pushing Two BBQ from behind, Spectre continued dodging and trying to grab Two BBQ from the front – sustaining more damage to its crusher in the process. Eventually, after trying to push Two BBQ around from the front, it reversed, before suddenly driving underneath Two BBQ from the rear and slamming it into the wall spikes. With most of Two BBQ’s polycarbonate walls shattered upon impact, Spectre dragged, spun and rammed it into the grinders once again, causing even more damage. After several more rams, it finally released its grip and left Two BBQ by the grinders; the attacks finally immobilizing the Chinese machine. Knocking Two BBQ aside, Spectre shuffled back and forth before raising its srimech; as Two BBQ was being counted out, Team Spectre celebrated their victory, with Spectre being declared victorious by knockout in the closing seconds.

"We thought that they were the very top of the Chinese machines. Two Barbeque has been the best so far – it’s been another step up from that. It’s been really good to beat them, but at the same time, we’d like to say huge congratulations to them. They’ve done an amazing job, and we really look forward to fighting them in the future."
— Grant Cooper praises Two BBQ and its team following Spectre’s fourth-round victory

The semi-finals saw Spectre face the Chinese multibot Thunder and Lightning, driven by a father-and-son team. Once again, Team Spectre equipped its crusher with the twin teeth – prior to the battle, they had observed Thunder and Lightning’s driving throughout the earlier stages of the competition, and elected to attack Lightning first.

"We’re coming to crush you both!"
— James Cooper’s message to Thunder and Lightning
Spectre vs Thunder 1

Spectre loses its teeth yet again to Thunder...

Spectre vs Thunder and Lightning 1

...but proceeds to push the red multibot into Lightning's spinner

Immediately, Spectre charged towards both parts of Thunder and Lightning, slamming into Lightning and chasing the blue machine across the arena. It then scooped up and pushed Thunder around, only to lose its teeth yet again while clamping and ramming it into the wall. Spectre kept its grip on Thunder as it pushed it across the arena and into the spinning weapon of Lightning, itself lingering next to the wall spikes. It let go of Thunder before driving head-on into Lightning’s spinner, the collision throwing both of its front wheels off the floor. Spectre landed upright, chasing Lightning across the arena a second time before once again grabbing and slamming Thunder into the wall spikes. The impact dislodged Thunder’s left wheel, leaving one half of the multibot partially immobile.

Spectre vs Thunder 2

A ram from Spectre dislodges Thunder's left wheel

Lightning vs Spectre 1

Spectre is thrown upwards by Lightning

Spectre vs Lightning 1

Spectre rams Lightning into the wall at high speed

With Thunder incapacitated, Spectre concentrated its remaining attacks on Lightning, clamping and pushing it into the grinders several times. Eventually, it rammed Thunder into the grinders as well, the attack causing Thunder to be flipped upside-down and left completely immobile as the grinder momentarily threw Spectre off-balance. At the same time, Lightning was struggling to drive in a straight line, and was also deemed immobile. Spectre drove around the arena and raised its srimech numerous times as Thunder and Lightning were counted out. With this, Spectre was declared to have won by knockout once again, and progressed to the final round.

There, it faced Chiyung Jinlun, another Chinese drum spinner. In addition to acquiring a new set of wheels, Spectre once again adopted the single tooth, this time attached to the crusher with larger bolts to prevent it from being torn off as easily.

"So we've both done an excellent job to get to the final, and you should be proud of yourself. Whatever happens in the final - good luck, and we hope to see you there!"
— Grant Cooper's message to Chiyung Jinlun and the Xiake team
Chiyung Jinlun vs Spectre 1

Spectre is initially pushed along the spikes by Chiyung Jinlun...

Spectre vs Chiyung Jinlun 1

...but eventually sinks its tooth into the Chinese robot's top armor

Spectre Chiyung Jinlun grinder

Spectre slams Chiyung Jinlun into the grinder

As before, Spectre immediately charged towards Chiyung Jinlun, dodging the latter’s drum before being reversed into the wall spikes. The two robots tussled, with Spectre quickly swerving away from Chiyung Jinlun to break free and attempt to crush one of its wheels. With its initial attack unsuccessful, it twice pursued Chiyung Jinlun across the arena before bumping and pushing it into the wall spikes. During the second push, Spectre sunk its tooth through Chiyung Jinlun’s top armor, preventing the Chinese machine from driving away as it repeatedly pushed it into the grinders and the spikes.

Spectre Chiyung Jinlun smoke

Spectre is shrouded in smoke as it punctures Chiyung Jinlun's battery and pushes it towards the wall

Chiyung Jinlun Spectre fire

Spectre releases its grip as Chiyung Jinlun catches fire

Momentarily letting go, Spectre proceeded to pierce Chiyung Jinlun’s top panel several times until it succeeded in puncturing one of its batteries and lifting it off the floor. Smoke poured out of Chiyung Jinlun as Spectre dropped and pushed it into the wall – seconds later, Chiyung Jinlun caught fire, with Spectre releasing its grip before continuing to pursue its burning opponent. Slowly, it maneuvered Chiyung Jinlun towards the wall spikes one more time, wedging Chiyung Jinlun on one of the spikes in the process and preventing it from reversing away. With its victory made certain, Spectre repeatedly raised its srimech while Chiyung Jinlun was counted out, and was declared the inaugural King of Bots champion. After the battle, Team Spectre congratulated a crestfallen Xiake team, with Grant Cooper particularly praising their performances in the final round and the whole competition.

This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)Edit


Spectre is noticed by Zheng Shuang

Spectre's impressive design meant that Zheng Shuang was immediately drawn towards Spectre, and it became her second choice after Vulcan to join her team of five robots, which would later include Tánshè, Tungsten and Megabyte. As part of Zheng Shuang's team, Spectre's first battle was against the Chinese vertical spinner of White Tiger Guardian.

Spectre vs White Tiger Guardian 1

Spectre turns into White Tiger Guardian's blade

White Tiger Guardian vs Spectre

White Tiger Guardian severs a drive belt from Spectre

WTG vs Spectre

White Tiger Guardian throws Spectre over with an attack

Spectre inverted

Spectre lays on its back after being overturned

At the start of the battle, Spectre charged straight out of its square, and drove under White Tiger Guardian, but turned into the spinning blade, throwing sparks across the arena. Another attack from White Tiger Guardian threw more sparks, and loosened one of Spectre's drive belts, which fell to the arena floor. On a direct hit to Spectre's front, White Tiger Guardian threw Spectre onto its back, also buckling its front wedge, in an attack which was broadcast quite far into the edited broadcast, but in reality, took place near the beginning of the fight[3]. Although White Tiger Guardian had damaged Spectre, it also lost the use of its spinning weapon, and Spectre was able to quickly self-right, ramming into the front of White Tiger Guardian in a collision which brought both robots from the floor.

Spectre wedge damage

Spectre's wedge bears visible damage

With its wedge broken, Spectre rammed into White Tiger Guardian again but could no longer breach its ground clearance. White Tiger Guardian, with no weapon, drove away from Spectre and became trapped on the ram rods in the floor, also driving onto the arena saws, where sparks were thrown from White Tiger Guardian's surface, in spite of minimal pressure from Spectre. Although Spectre then tentatively rammed the front of White Tiger Guardian, the wedges of the Chinese robot were lower, briefly breaching Spectre.

Spectre pins White Tiger Guardian

Spectre pins White Tiger Guardian, but misses with its bite

Spectre miss

Spectre proves unable to get under White Tiger Guardian

Still with its spinner powered down, White Tiger Guardian drove into the spikes on the arena wall, where Spectre pinned it in place. However, because Spectre's wedge was so heavily damaged, it could not drive under White Tiger Guardian, leaving Spectre unable to use its weapon on the pinned robot. After missing with its crushes, Spectre backed away, but White Tiger Guardian only backed itself further into the corner, where Spectre again attempted to crush, but failed to do so. When released, White Tiger Guardian drove straight into the Grinder on the side of the arena, where Spectre prevented it from escaping. Spectre held its ground, chasing White Tiger Guardian around the arena, which was making no offensive efforts while its spinner was ceased. Spectre drove into the side of White Tiger Guardian, and flared its self-righting mechanism while pushing its opponent in circles.

Spectre vs WTG

The Grinder throws White Tiger Guardian onto Spectre's wedge

Spectre vs White Tiger Guardian

Spectre clamps down on the internally damaged White Tiger Guardian

Spectre also collided with the ram rods, while White Tiger Guardian was clipped by the floor flipper. However, in the final moments of the match, White Tiger Guardian made a critical mistake and drove into a Grinder, which flung the robot directly onto the wedge of Spectre. Taking its opportunity, Spectre bit down onto the flat top of White Tiger Guardian, and caused significant internal damage, as sparks flew from the insides of White Tiger Guardian after the crushing damage, while Spectre also rammed White Tiger Guardian back into the Grinder. Spectre continued to hold White Tiger Guardian in the center of the arena, as it poured out sparks, and drove it into the arena saws. White Tiger Guardian initially appeared to be immobilized by this attack, but after a period of inactivity, White Tiger Guardian made a final movement to show its competitiveness, as time expired on the match. The judges' decision was awarded in favour of Spectre, earning points for Zheng Shuang's team.

"It's actually damaged the front wedge on the robot, and it had folded under the front. We thought it would be an easy fight, and it turned out to be the hardest one yet."
— Grant Cooper of Team Spectre
Switch vs Spectre

Spectre crashes into Switch

Spectre vs Lt Bam

Spectre grabs hold of Lieutenant Bam

In the Tag Team round, Spectre was partnered with ORBY Blade of the red team, and faced two fellow British machines, Lieutenant Bam and Switch. At the start of the battle, Spectre crashed into Switch, sending it recoiling into the air. This also allowed Spectre to grab Switch by its rear wheel, and press it into the arena wall, hindering Switch's mobility. After continuing to hassle Switch, Spectre changed its focus to Lieutenant Bam, grabbing it from behind, and crushing down onto the top.

Spectre vs Lieutenant Bam

Spectre deposits Lieutenant Bam in the pit

Spectre vs Switch

Spectre slams Switch into the wall

Lieutenant Bam swung its hammer around in retaliation, but Spectre swerved it around, and dropped it directly into the pit. Spectre then capitalized on the motionless Switch, crushing down on it while ramming it into the spikes on the arena wall, and then the Grinder. Spectre dragged Switch over to the pit, but just as it was about to drop Switch in for the official knockout, the pit raised back up, releasing Lieutenant Bam, continuing the fight despite Switch's immobility.

Lt Bam vs Spectre

Lieutenant Bam pulls itself over

Spectre & ORBY vs Lt Bam & Switch

Spectre drops Lieutenant Bam back in the pit

After striking the floor, Lieutenant Bam's turret became stuck in Spectre's open jaw, and while attempting to retract the weapon, Lieutenant Bam pulled itself over in the grip of Spectre. It quickly self-righted and fled, also managing to land a light blow onto Spectre's jaw using its turret, but the quicker Spectre machine chased it and gripped Lieutenant Bam. Finally, Spectre put Lieutenant Bam back into the descending pit for the second time, awarding the win to Spectre and ORBY Blade, and Spectre fired its self-righting mechanism in victory.

Formula and spectre

Formula and Spectre in battle

Formula missing spectre

Formula misses with its first attack

In the head-to-head round, Sa Beining issued the challenge for Formula to fight next, and both Spectre and Great White accepted the challenge. Andy Hibberd of Formula's team stated that he would much rather fight Spectre, and his wish was fulfilled, as both robots fought. The two robots drew towards and smacked into one another initially, with Formula momentarily getting underneath Spectre, but not far enough to use its flipper. Several scenes just like this initial one followed, with Formula chasing and momentarily getting underneath its opponent using its superior wedge, but without making any meaningful attacks with its weapon.

Formula flips spectre

Formula flips both Spectre and itself

Forumla flips spectre 2

Formula flips Spectre onto the saws

This stalemate ended a few seconds later though, as Formula finally got underneath Spectre properly, and flung it into the air, with the force of the flip knocking Formula over as well. As both robots self-righted, they made another charge towards one another, neither getting underneath the other this time. After spending a few more seconds driving around its opponent, Spectre made a charge that sent it straight up Formula's wedge, the latter responding by throwing the King of Bots defending champion through the air, causing it to land upside down onto the floor saws.

Spectre self right onto forumla

Spectre self rights onto Formula's wedge

Forumla flips spectre 3

Formula follows through with a flip

With the floor saws clearly impeding Spectres ability to self-right, Formula took the opportunity to drive around and position itself so that when Spectre did finally succeed, it would do so onto Formula, allowing Formula to once again toss Spectre back over.

Forumla and spectre spinning bars

Formula tosses Spectre onto the Grinders

Forumla spectre 1,5m

Formula throws Spectre high into the air

Landing upside down again, Formula put more pressure onto Spectre by pushing it towards the Grinders and flinging it into them, causing it to bounce off, successfully keeping Spectre inverted. Formula wasted no time by pushing Spectre around some more, and eventually got in a powerful flip that lifted Spectre over 1.2 meters into the air, although this flip caused Spectre to finally land on its wheels again though. As Spectre tried yet again to get a grip on Formula, the flipper answered by throwing Spectre onto its back yet another time.

Forumla Spectre arena

Formulas attempt to flip Spectre out of the arena

Spectre formula chase

Formula is chased by Spectre while attempting to retract its flipper

Formula then proceeded to push Spectre into the corner in an attempt to send it out of the arena, but was unsuccessful after choosing the wrong angle, and the silver machine landed back on its wheels and started giving chase to Formula. Formula's elastics which allow its flipper to close had become damaged, as the robot seemed unable to close it properly. This permitted Spectre to finally get underneath Formula, but was unable to get its crusher into play as Formula managed to escape, finally getting its flipper to close properly as well after some time had elapsed.

Forumla flips spectre final

Formula's knockout flip on Spectre

Making a final charge, Spectre bounced off of Formula, momentarily exposing its back which allowed Formula to flip it one final time. Throughout the battle, where Spectre's self-righting mechanism became damaged through repeated flips and contact with the arena saws, Spectre ultimately proved unable to self-right, and Formula's team celebrated as Spectre was subsequently counted out, eliminating the King of Bots Season 1 champion from the competition.

"We've won most of our fights throughout our career, and sometimes you have to lose, and this was one of those times, soo as long as we keep work on it and improve a lot, that's all that matters, so we wish you the best of luck, and just keep making the right decisions!"
— Grant Cooper to Zheng Shuang after being eliminated
Spectre and grill judge teeth

Spectre losses a tooth to Two BBQ

Spectre smoking

The immobile and smoking Spectre

Spectre also fought in the Eight-robot Rumble, as a representative of Zhang Yishan's blue team. There, it fought Golden Hoops, Lieutenant Bam, Megabyte, Spear and Shield, Thunder and Lightning, Two BBQ, and Wrecker. Initially, Spectre held back, avoiding the damaging spinner of Megabyte, which took immediate action towards winning the battle. While Spectre held back, it was targeted by Two BBQ, which drove straight onto the wedge of Spectre. James Cooper closed Spectre's jaw onto Two BBQ's spinner, which caused significant internal damage to Spectre, and moments later, Spectre lost mobility entirely, smoke rising from under the machine.

Spectre was subsequently declared KO'ed and lost the battle, costing it its chance for reinstation which was ultimately won by Thunder and Lightning.


King of Bots (Season 1)
Main Championship
Round 1 vs. Red from the Flames Won
Round 2 vs. Whirlwind Won
Round 3 vs. Wild Beast Won
Round 4 vs. Two BBQ Won
Semi-Final vs. Thunder and Lightning Won
Final vs. Chiyung Jinlun Won
This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)
Main Championship
Head-to-Head vs. White Tiger Guardian Won
Tag Team (with ORBY Blade) vs. Lieutenant Bam & Switch Won
Head-to-Head vs. Formula Lost
Eight-robot Rumble vs. Golden Hoops, Lieutenant Bam, Megabyte, Spear and Shield, Thunder and Lightning, Two BBQ, Wrecker Lost


  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Series Spectre Series Record
Season 1 Champion
Season 1.5 Selected by celebrity, two wins

Outside King of BotsEdit

Grant and James Cooper own a business, Robo Challenge, a Birmingham-based consultancy company who offer advice to other companies on robotics projects, and building robots for company projects, including televised appearances.

Robo Challenge were heavily involved with both the pre-production and operation of each rebooted series of Robot Wars. Prior to the reboot being filmed, it was the responsibility of Robo Challenge to design the tournament's format, set the build rules, and the health and safety rules. Changes made to the Robot Wars ruleset decided by Robo Challenge include the increase from 100kg to 110kg. They built all of the rebooted series' House Robots, as well as eight stock robots to be used by guest competitors in side events. Robo Challenge were also the authors of the Haynes Manual How to Build a Robot, an official Robot Wars product.


Beta, heavyweight robot entered into BattleBots by Grant Cooper

Grant Cooper collaborated with John Reid to enter ABC's second season of BattleBots with the hammer-wielding Beta, which was shown during Spectre's introduction. It defeated Lucky, Overhaul and the experienced Nightmare to reach the Top 8. There, it lost a close Judges' decision to the eventual champion Tombstone. Meanwhile, James Cooper joined future Robot Wars champions Team Carbide to compete with Cobalt, which defeated Overhaul before losing to the eventual runner-up Bombshell.

Robo Challenge have also built two featherweights directly replicating heavyweight designs made by successful British team, Team Razer, including Venom (a miniature Razer), and Predator (a miniature Warhead).

Robo Challenge have created robots for various television programmes, including The Gadget Show, Dick & Dom's Absolute Genius, Reverse Engineers, and Blue Peter. Their consultancy and engineering skills were also required for sales promotions connected to video games, including Skylanders Superchargers, Titanfall 2 and ReCore.

Following its first appearance on King of Bots, Spectre has also attended various events as a static display, including the 2018 UK International Championships. Most recently, it attended the first RoboNerd meet in Wolverhampton in September 2018, again as a static display.


  • Through winning Season 1 outright, Spectre was the most successful robot from the United Kingdom and the most successful to be equipped with a crushing/grabbing weapon.
  • At one point, the Two BBQ team referred to Spectre as "Challenger".


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