"Megabyte is a full-body spinner robot - once its blades start to spin, it will become invincible. Megabyte will become a new legend in China, and being a legend in China is not too bad!"
— John Mladenik

Megabyte is a robot from the United States of America which competed in the first season of King of Bots, and Season 1.5, the debut of This is Fighting Robots. Megabyte and its team entered King of Bots with a sixteen-year pedigree in North American robot combat events, including multiple championship victories.

Built and entered by the Robotic Death Company (referred to onscreen as the Robotic Destruction Company), it won the first-ever battle in the show’s history, against Russian drum spinner Stingray, but initially lost in the second round to Chiyung Jinlun. After receiving a wildcard, Megabyte won its next two battles against EarthShaker and fellow American entry Spin Doctor to reach the semi-finals, where it was defeated a second time by Chiyung Jinlun despite dealing significant damage to the latter. It would ultimately finish Season 1 in third place, after winning the playoff against Thunder and Lightning via knockout.

In Season 1.5, Megabyte was selected by Zheng Shuang, allowing it to advance to the main bracket. There, it emphatically defeated Saturn and Golden Hoops, and was a key player for its team in the Tag Team round, eliminating the dangerous Two BBQ alongside Spear and Shield. However, Megabyte lost the use of its spinner against Vulcan in the head-to-head rounds, and was overturned by the floor flipper, losing the battle by knockout. It was also a key player in the Eight-robot Rumble, but lost mobility after the five-minute mark, causing controversy when the Judges did not award it the victory.



Megabyte with Robotic Death Company in Season 1

Megabyte alternative shell

Megabyte, fitted with the alternative shell

Megabyte is a four-wheel drive full-body spinner, featuring a slanted shell spinning at 1,300rpm. The titanium shell weighs 100lbs (approximately 45.6kg) and features two 1-inch thick steel blades at the base for slashing and concussing opponents, along with several more along the upper surface of the shell. According to the Robotic Death Company, Megabyte’s weapon features a tip speed of 200mph.[1] The robot is painted silver with its name written in black, and is fitted with a bent metal pole at the top of the weapon shaft to help the team identify its position when the weapon is spinning. The same pole also allows the gyroscopic forces of Megabyte’s spinner to re-right the robot should it be left upside-down. In addition to the pole, Megabyte also features two sets of LED lights at either end of the chassis - a row of white lights at the front, and another row of blue or red lights at the rear. These lights are visible beneath the shell, and act as a further aid in identifying the robot's orientation while the shell spins.

Megabyte 1.5

Top view of Megabyte in Season 1.5

Megabyte TIFR

Megabyte in Season 1.5

In later rounds, Megabyte also used an alternative spinning shell, which shared a similar design to the regular shell, but featured several cut-outs and polycarbonate armor panels on the top which exposed its internals.

For This is Fighting Robots a new version of Megabyte was built, likely to free up Megabyte for RoboGames. While keeping the same profile, this version was painted gold, and had heart shaped cutouts with polycarbonate armor panels on the top.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots (Season 1)Edit

Megabyte vs Stingray

The initial collision between Megabyte and Stingray

Stingray loses drum

Megabyte (right) tears Stingray's drum off

Megabyte initially appeared in Episode 1, fighting in the very first battle of King of Bots alongside Russian entry Stingray. Immediately, it jolted sideways and spun up its spinning shell, dodging an initial lunge from Stingray and attempting to drive away from the latter before the two robots collided. Megabyte was sent hurtling across the arena upon impact, the gyroscopic forces of its weapon almost causing it to overturn as it constantly hit the walls and arena floor with its blades. Landing on its wheels and next to a partially-immobile Stingray, Megabyte retreated to get its weapon spinning and proceeded to rip Stingray’s drum off with its second hit.

"Total destruction, my friends!"
— One of the commentators shortly after Megabyte tears Stingray's drum off

It proceeded to tear one of Stingray’s right-hand armor panels off just before the latter was counted out, emerging victorious and advancing to the next round. Afterwards, it was discovered that Megabyte had also torn one of the wall spikes off, as a result of it clipping the walls during the recoil of its initial hit.

Chek Yang Jinlun vs Megabyte 1

Megabyte is immediately deflected by Chiyung Jinlun

Chek Yang Jinlun vs Megabyte 2

Chiyung Jinlun launches Megabyte into the air

Megabyte flipped

Megabyte flips itself over

In the second round, Megabyte faced the Chinese drum spinner Chiyung Jinlun. Immediately, it spun its shell up as Chiyung Jinlun approached; however, the robot’s chassis also spun simultaneously, resulting in Megabyte lifting itself up before being slammed by Chiyung Jinlun. The impact deflected it into the wall and sent it skittering across the arena; coming to rest against the spikes on the other side, Megabyte struggled to drive away, allowing Chiyung Jinlun to launch it into the air and buffet it into the wall as it got its shell spinning again. Megabyte shook and violently flipped itself over onto its self-righting pole; it spun helplessly as Chiyung Jinlun proceeded to rip one of its top-mounted blades off and maneuvere it towards the grinders.

Chek Yang Jinlun Megabyte KO

A nut at the end of Megabyte's pole (right) locks the robot in place

Megabyte smoke

Smoke pours from Megabyte as it is eliminated

One more drum blow from Chiyung Jinlun flipped Megabyte upright; however, a nut at the tip of Megabyte’s pole became lodged between the gaps at the top of the wall as it landed, leaving it partially lifted off the floor. Robotic Death Company attempted to power Megabyte’s spinner up to break free, but were unable to do so. As a result, Megabyte was counted out, smoke pouring from inside as a result of a strained weapon belt, and lost the battle.

"That doesn’t happen all the time, you know, everyone makes mistakes - but, he drove very well. He knew exactly how to hit us, and to be able to maneuver in the right place to hit us in the right way."
— John Mladenik praises Chiyung Junlin’s driver following Megabyte’s second-round loss

Despite this, Megabyte’s performance in the first round was sufficient for it to earn one of four wildcards from the producers. This led to it being reinstated for the third round, where it fought fellow wildcard entrant EarthShaker.

"Good luck to my opponent, and may the best robot win!"
— John Mladenik
EarthShaker vs Megabyte 1

Megabyte is deflected by EarthShaker's initial charge

EarthShaker flips Megabyte

EarthShaker flips Megabyte over

Megabyte started the battle tentatively; it attempted to spin its shell up, but was quickly deflected by EarthShaker, which proceeded to drive underneath and deflect Megabyte again towards one of the grinders. It was flipped opposite the grinder by EarthShaker, but bounced on its shell and self-righting pole to land back on its wheels. Immediately, Megabyte’s spinner spun up to full speed, enabling it to charge into EarthShaker and cause light damage to its front armor. The same impact, however, caused Megabyte to skitter across the arena towards the far corner; it was deflected into the nearby wall spikes by EarthShaker, temporarily stopping its weapon. Megabyte attempted to attack EarthShaker again, but was deflected and destabilized once again – sparks flew as its lower cutting blades made contact with the floor. A few moments later, Megabyte was sent skittering into the blue square, again hitting the wall spikes; this allowed EarthShaker to deflect and drive underneath it once more.

Megabyte vs EarthShaker 1

Megabyte sends EarthShaker spinning away...

Megabyte vs EarthShaker 2

...before proceeding to tear one of its opponent's armor panels off

Megabyte EarthShaker KO

Megabyte's final blow results in EarthShaker catching fire

However, Megabyte avoided getting flipped as both teams fired smokescreens in each other’s control areas, and got its weapon up to speed again as EarthShaker backed away. It drove head-on into EarthShaker, sending it spinning away in a volley of sparks – two more hits resulted in Megabyte tearing into EarthShaker’s front armor and ripping an entire panel off. Despite clipping one of the circular saws, Megabyte approached a retreating EarthShaker and hit it one last time – the impact threw EarthShaker into the wall violently, sheared three of its wheels off and caused it to catch fire within seconds. Megabyte was instantly declared the winner, and progressed to the fourth round.

"Their only chance is [that] their front wedge is a hunk of steel sitting on the floor, so they have to hit us square. If we hit their side or edge, they’re gone... Spin Doctor… nothing personal, but you’re going home in pieces!"
— John Mladenik’s message to the Spin Doctor team

Within the top eight of the competition, Megabyte fought a fellow American wildcard entry Spin Doctor, a drum spinner of a similar design to Chiyung Jinlun. Aware that David Calkins had earlier given advice to Chiyung Jinlun’s team on how to defeat Megabyte, John Mladenik was determined that his team would change their strategy to avoid a similar loss in this battle.

"I think this will be a tough fight. I think… if they succeed in stopping us from spinning and getting us in the corner, they will be successful. But, you know, we’re gonna do everything we can so that won’t happen."
— John Mladenik anticipates a close battle
Megabyte vs Spin Doctor 1

Megabyte tears a side panel off of Spin Doctor

Megabyte Spin Doctor sparks

Sparks fly as Megabyte drives into Spin Doctor's wedge

Megabyte vs Spin Doctor 2

Another hit from Megabyte rips Spin Doctor's left-rear tire off...

Megabyte wall breach

... and causes Megabyte itself to damage the arena wall

Immediately, Megabyte darted to the left of the blue square, getting its shell up to speed as it evaded an approaching Spin Doctor. Slamming into Spin Doctor, it launched itself into the wall spikes, sparks flying as it skittered across the arena into the red square. Megabyte recovered, approaching Spin Doctor before evading and reversing into its left-hand side, tearing one of Spin Doctor’s panels clean off. It followed up on this attack by reversing, shuffling and hitting Spin Doctor’s rear, circling around its American co-patriot before slamming into its left-front wheel and front wedge. Another head-on collision spun Spin Doctor away – seconds later, Megabyte tore Spin Doctor’s left-rear tire off its axle. The same impact caused both robots to recoil into opposite sides of the arena – Megabyte, still spinning, slammed into the wall, breaking and getting its own cutting blades caught in the left-most panel. Realizing that the panel had been damaged, Robotic Death Company promptly told the Judges to stop the battle while repairs to the arena were carried out – during this time, Megabyte was also freed from the wall.[2]

Megabyte Spin Doctor knockout

Megabyte's final blow on Spin Doctor

Following consultation between the Judges and the Spin Doctor team, the battle was restarted – upon the referee's whistle, Megabyte spun up again and steadily approached the badly-damaged Spin Doctor. It spent several seconds trying to position itself for another attack, before slamming into Spin Doctor’s front once more. Megabyte elected not to attack any further as Spin Doctor was left immobile on one side and counted out, emerging victorious by knockout once again.

"Should thank him, because they exposed our weaknesses. By telling [Chiyung Jinlun] how to beat us and beaten us, we went back and looked at everything and we fixed our problem. We, we know how to stop that tactic from beating us."
— John Mladenik following Megabyte’s third knockout victory
Megabyte vs Chiyung Jinlun semi 1

Megabyte inflicts numerous blows on Chiyung Jinlun...

Chiyung Jinlun deflects Megabyte of which causes it to recoil into the wall

With this, Megabyte secured its place in the semi-finals, where it faced Chiyung Jinlun for the second time. In the opening moments, it dodged Chiyung Jinlun’s initial charges to get its shell up to full speed, momentarily clipping the Chinese machine’s front wedge at one point. Megabyte continued maneuvering around Chiyung Jinlun before finally slamming into it head-on, sparks flying as both robots recoiled across the arena. A second collision resulted in Megabyte disabling Chiyung Jinlun’s drum, although not without being deflected violently into the wall itself and losing its self-righting pole. It proceeded to cause more damage to Chiyung Jinlun, buckling then tearing its wedge open with two successive hits. Another hit ripped Chiyung Jinlun’s wedge off entirely; the same collision also resulted in Megabyte being deflected into a grinder, the grinder launching it across the arena and into a stationary Chiyung Jinlun. The deflection appeared to slow Megabyte down considerably – it hit Chiyung Jinlun again, although without causing any more major damage as it tried to spin its weapon up again.

Megabyte vs Chiyung Jinlun semi 2

Megabyte tears Chiyung Jinlun's wedge off

Chiyung Jinlun vs Megabyte Semi 1

Megabyte causes further damage to Chiyung Jinlun, but is eventually immobilized by the Chinese machine

Nevertheless, Megabyte absorbed a few more rams from Chiyung Jinlun, damaging the latter’s weapon mount sufficiently for its drum to fall off. However, it struggled to drive forwards as Chiyung Jinlun approached once again, and its spinner cleaved a gash through the latter’s rear panel. Momentarily retreating, Megabyte drove into Chiyung Jinlun’s rear again, causing more damage to the panel, tearing the Chinese machine’s left panel completely off and spinning it around. However, the collision immobilized Megabyte instantly; a bewildered Robotic Death Company attempted to regain control as its shell spinner continued rotating, but not before Megabyte was fully counted out. With this, it lost to Chiyung Jinlun via knockout once more, and was eliminated from the competition for the second time - after the battle, John Mladenick praised the Xiake team for their performance, and for Chiyung Jinlun’s durability throughout the battle.

Ling Zhou: "Hey guys! Good to see you again! So, why do you think you lost today?"
John Mladenick: "‘Cos we fought a very tough robot… and I don’t remember ever losing a fight where we knocked the wedge off, we knocked the weapon off, and the guy’s still moving. It’s incredible! I’d like – I’m gonna go see what he did to take all those hits, because these hits were bigger than all the other fights!"
Ling Zhou interviews John Mladenik following Megabyte’s second loss to Chiyung Jinlun
Lightning vs Megabyte 1

Megabyte is scooped up by the heavily-modified Lightning

Megabyte vs Thunder 1

Megabyte rips one of Thunder's wheels off

Megabyte vs Lightning 1

Megabyte's knockout blow on Lightning (background) sends the latter spinning into the grinder mount

Megabyte would fight again in a playoff for third place, where it faced the father-and-son team of Thunder and Lightning. Initially unaware of the modifications carried out to the Chinese multibot, the team exchanged its shell for one with cut-outs and transparent top panels. In the opening seconds, Megabyte slowly drove out of the blue square and got its shell up to speed – however, it was scooped up by the wedge of the extensively-rebuilt Lightning, the momentum in the multibot’s attack causing Megabyte to skitter into the wall. Sparks flew as Megabyte’s cutters hit the wall, causing it to rebound across the arena towards Thunder. It promptly got its weapon spinning again, and proceeded to rip Thunder’s left wheel and motor out with a side-on attack. Megabyte proceeded to hit Lightning a few times, launching the gray multibot across the arena and sending it spinning with each individual hit. It then hit Thunder again, sending it spinning into the grinder – seconds later, it took advantage of Lightning’s control issues by hitting its side and causing it to recoil into the center grinder mount as well. The latter attack immobilized Lightning completely and caused it to catch fire – Megabyte withdrew its attacks as Thunder and Lightning were both counted out, and was soon declared victorious via knockout. With this, it finished third overall in King of Bots Season 1, although not without John Mladenik congratulating and praising the Thunder and Lightning team afterwards.

This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)Edit

In Season 1.5, John Mladenik was determined for Megabyte to be selected by Zheng Shuang, as Mladenik openly called her a "pretty lady". When Zheng saw Megabyte, she considered choosing it for her team, but was persuaded by the captain of Shrederator Tiger Claw to abandon Megabyte for the alternative shell spinner, upsetting Mladenik. However, Zheng Shuang's chosen teams, which included Spectre, Vulcan, Tánshè and Tungsten, convinced her to select Megabyte for her team, allowing Megabyte to advance to the main bracket.

Saturn Vs Megabyte

Megabyte and Saturn recoil following their initial collision

Megabyte vs Golden Hoops vs Saturn

Megabyte launches Golden Hoops into the air

Megabyte immobilizes Golden Hoops

Megabyte fully immobilizes Golden Hoops

In its first battle, Megabyte fought British ring spinner Saturn and Chinese competitor Golden Hoops, whose design had been ridiculed by Robotic Destruction Company in a previous episode. All three robots initially hesitated to attack each other as they got their spinning weapons up to speed – this was until Megabyte sustained a collision with an approaching Saturn. Sparks flew as both robots were sent flying into the grinders on opposite sides of the arena, with Megabyte losing one of its cutting blades and being left unbalanced as it rebounded off the grinder mount.[3] Nevertheless, Megabyte drove forwards, weaving its way across the arena to line up an attack on the spinning Golden Hoops. It charged into Golden Hoops, throwing it into the air and into a grinder. This attack was sufficient to cause damage to one of Golden Hoops’ hammer mounts, causing the mount itself to shear off a few seconds later. With Golden Hoops spinning and bouncing uncontrollably near the arena spikes as a result, Megabyte landed one more hit to throw its Chinese opponent upwards and immobilize it. With this, it won the rumble via knockout, securing it and Zheng Shuang one point to equalize Sa Beining’s score.

"That’s a good argument – she chose Megabyte because she wanted that sure point."
— John Mladenik comments on Zheng Shaung’s decision to choose Megabyte following its first This is Fighting Robots victory
Megabyte and Bulldozer

Megabyte and Bulldozer partner up for the Tag Team round

Megabyte vs Two BBQ 1

Megabyte breaks Two BBQ's spinner in half with a powerful hit

Two BBQ vs Megabyte pit

Megabyte is sent recoiling towards - and over - the pit by Two BBQ

Spear and Shield unpitted

Megabyte (background) prepares to pursue Spear and Shield as the latter is raised out of the pit

In the Tag Team round, Megabyte was partnered with Bulldozer of the Red team; together, they fought Chinese vertical spinner Two BBQ of the Yellow team and Spear and Shield of the Blue team. Initially, it waited in its corner to get its spinning shell up to speed, before approaching and dodging lunges from Two BBQ. As Two BBQ lifted itself and spun over the flame jets, Megabyte drove into the latter’s front end, breaking Two BBQ’s bar spinner and sending it ricocheting violently towards the wall spikes. No sooner had it disabled Two BBQ’s weapon, Megabyte hesitated to drive away as Two BBQ reversed, turned and drove into its shell. As well as throwing Two BBQ into a grinder and flipping it over, the impact sent Megabyte flying towards and over the pit; one of its cutting blades clipped the pit edge and launched it upwards.

Megabyte vs Spear and Shield vs Two BBQ

Megabyte causes damage to Spear and Shield, while also destroying the remainder of Two BBQ's weapon

Megabyte vs Spear and Shield

Sparks fly as Megabyte continues its attacks on Spear and Shield

Megabyte bounced onto the nearby floor rod area, to celebration from Zheng Shaung and Red team captain Wu Chun. With Two BBQ eliminated, it retreated to the corner to get its shell spinning again as Spear and Shield was raised up by the pit panel to re-join the battle after an earlier pitting. Megabyte pursued Spear and Shield as soon as the latter drove away, and proceeded to land several blows on its retreating opponent. At one point, both robots lingered near the grinders; in addition to sending more sparks and debris flying out of Spear and Shield, Megabyte destroyed the remainder of Two BBQ’s bar spinner, sending it up into the transparent panels. Megabyte continued to buffet, damage and shepherd Spear and Shield across the arena for some time, until the blue and silver full-body spinner was left completely immobilized. Megabyte stood stationary as Spear and Shield was counted out; as a result, it and Bulldozer secured a second consecutive Tag Team victory for Zheng Shaung and Wu Chun in spectacular fashion.

Vulcan vs Megabyte 1

Megabyte disables Vulcan's axe with a big hit

Vulcan vs Megabyte 2

Vulcan knocks Megabyte into the arena wall

In the head-to-head rounds, Megabyte fought Vulcan of the blue team, formerly a member of Megabyte's green team. While Megabyte powered up its spinner, Vulcan missed on its charge, failing to cease the shell spinner. When Vulcan caught up to Megabyte, it was thrown aside by the powerful spinner, and this caused Vulcan's axe to break, leaving the robot weaponless. Megabyte lingered in the corner of the arena, and Vulcan rammed it, causing Megabyte to bounce off the arena wall, and under the arena hammer, which landed on top of Megabyte's shell. This caused no real damage, and Megabyte's blades pushed Vulcan aside on its next attack. Both robots met face-to-face, and Megabyte rebounded away from Vulcan, failing to gain purchase on the arena floor until it slid back into the wall. In a series of collisions, Megabyte struck the wedge of Vulcan, bounced into a solid piece of wall next to the Grinder, and ended up on Vulcan's wedge, allowing Vulcan to push Megabyte into the arena wall, while it was at a low spinning speed. Upon this impact, a bolt sheared from Megabyte.

"Yeah, we were just in the corner there, and, so that's when that mass is spinning like that, there's no 'driveability'. At that point, I thought we had the fight."
— John Mladenik of Megabyte's team
Vulcan vs Megabyte 3

Megabyte drives under Vulcan

Vulcan vs Megabyte 4

Megabyte is thrown over by the floor flipper

Megabyte spun up once again, but struck the wedge of Vulcan, and due to the sheared bolt, Megabyte's shell did not spin again after this impact. Vulcan pushed Megabyte into the Grinder, and then held it against the arena wall. Megabyte briefly wedged under Vulcan and escaped, but Vulcan caught up and rammed it again. A similar impact took place again, and allowed Megabyte to drive under Vulcan, but lost its grip. After this, Megabyte drove straight over the floor flipper, and was immediately overturned. Vulcan made no further movements, and waited for the referee to count Megabyte out of the battle, and out of the main competition.

Meagabyte and spear shield

Megabyte attacks and incapacitates Spear and Shield

Megabyte and Lightning

Megabyte ricochets across the arena after sandwiching Lightning between itself and Lieutenant Bam

Megabyte and golden hoops

Golden Hoops is sent flying into the air from an attack by Megabyte

Megabyte also fought in the Eight-robot Rumble, as one of two representatives for Zheng Shuang's green team. This placed Megabyte against Golden Hoops, Lieutenant Bam, Spear and Shield, Spectre, Thunder and Lightning, Two BBQ, and Wrecker. There, Megabyte immediately proved be an major contender as it attacked and destroyed Spear and Shield with a single impact. Heading back out to the middle of the arena, Megabyte then attacked Lightning and successfully managed to sandwich the multibot between itself and Lieutenant Bam, resulting in Thunder losing a wheel as flew across the arena. Next, Megabyte made few attacks towards Golden Hoops, but was unable to cause any major damage to it, despite one attack lifting the Chinese machine high off the arena floor

Megabyte and grill judge wedge

Megabyte destroys one of Two BBQ's wedges

Wrecker and megabyte

Megabyte hits Wrecker after it lands on-top of it

Megabyte then proceeded to remove a wedge from the nearby Two BBQ, before once again continuing its assault onto Golden Hoops. After being briefly distracted by Wrecker, which landed on top of Megabyte after it had been sent flying across the arena by Two BBQ, Megabyte attacked the one-wheeled Lightning again, an attack which ricocheted it into Lieutenant Bam.

Megabyte and bam 2

Lieutenant Bam is temporarily pinned by Megabyte

Megabyte and Golden hoops rubber

Megabyte tears some rubber from Golden Hoops' locomotion

Megabyte targeted Lieutenant Bam next by briefly pinning it against the spinning side bars of the arena. Megabyte then made another attack onto the one-wheeled Lightning which sent the Chinese machine into a wall, and second hit by Megabyte followed, which caused something in the blue machine to short-circuit as it was left immobile and on fire near another wall. After making another hit on the now partly immobile Lieutenant Bam, Megabyte tried its luck with Golden Hoops once again, and was slightly more successful in causing damage to it, as it manged to rip some rubber from Golden Hoops' locomotion, but still found itself unable to cause any major damage. As Megabyte tussled with Lieutenant Bam some more though, Megabyte suddenly stopped right in the middle of the arena, after the long fight had caused its drive motors to cease.

Bam and Megabyte 3

Lieutenant Bam smashes the immobile Megabyte with its mace

This prompted Lieutenant Bam hit Megabyte's still-spinning body with its mace, although Megabyte was otherwise left alone for the remainder of the seven-minute battle, as it was still a damaging threat, despite being counted out to Zheng Shuang's great disappointment. When Thunder and Lightning were revealed to have won the Judges' decision, Zheng Shuang protested, believing that Megabyte deserved the victory for its significant contributions to the battle prior to its immobilization. However, the decision was not overturned.


King of Bots (Season 1)
Main Championship
Third Place
Round 1 vs. Stingray Won
Round 2 vs. Chiyung Jinlun Lost
NOTE: Megabyte received one of the wildcards into Round 3
Round 3 vs. EarthShaker Won
Round 4 vs. Spin Doctor Won
Semi-Final vs. Chiyung Jinlun Lost
Playoff vs. Thunder and Lightning Won
This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)
Main Championship
Rumble vs. Saturn, Golden Hoops Won
Tag Team (with Bulldozer) vs. Spear and Shield & Two BBQ Won
Head-to-Head vs. Vulcan Lost
Eight-robot Rumble vs. Golden Hoops, Lieutenant Bam, Spear and Shield, Spectre, Thunder and Lightning, Two BBQ, Wrecker Lost


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 4

Series RecordEdit

Series Megabyte Series Record
Season 1 Third Place
Season 1.5 Selected by celebrity, two wins

Outside King of BotsEdit

Megabyte was originally built by the Robotic Death Company as a heavyweight version of their lightweight spinner, Rambite, which competed in Seasons 4.0-5.0 of the original BattleBots. The robot itself debuted in the Season 5.0 heavyweight championship (its name originally spelt as Megabite), where it was eliminated after losing its first battle.

Following the cancellation of the original BattleBots, Megabite was renamed and rebuilt, adopting the full-body shell spinner design it features today. It enjoyed significant success in North American robot combat tournaments in this form, winning the Heavyweight Division at the 2003 RFL National Championships following an undefeated streak as well as the combat tournament of RoboGames 2004. Megabyte also finished runner-up in the 2004 RFL National Championships and reached the quarter-finals of the 2009 BattleBots Pro Championships, before it and Robotic Death Company retired from robot combat. Its success spawned a super-heavyweight version, Super Megabyte, which won its respective weight class tournament at RoboGames 2005.

In 2016, the Robotic Death Company returned to robot combat events, entering the second season of ABC’s BattleBots reboot with Invader. A modified and renamed version of Megabyte, featuring glow-in-the-dark paint, LED lights and various improvements, Invader lost its first battle – a three-way preliminary melee against Lycan and Mohawk – after suffering a receiver failure, despite inflicting considerable damage to the former.

An entirely new version of Megabyte – also known as Megabyte 2.0 by the team - was completed in 2017, although it retains the shell used between 2003-2009. It is this incarnation with which Robotic Death Company entered into King of Bots – prior to this, the new Megabyte made its robot combat debut at RoboGames 2017, where it reached the quarter-finals before losing to Original Sin and Crash n’ Burn.


Gigabyte at BattleBots in 2018

The Robotic Death Company entered the 2018 season of Battlebots, while This is Fighting Robots was being filmed. They entered with Gigabyte, a robot identical in concept to Megabyte, with new internals. In its first battle, it fought the reigning champion Tombstone, but its entire spinning shell was ripped from the robot, causing the Robotic Death Company to feign immobility in order to avoid further damage from Tombstone. As the shell came loose due to parts ordered in China not following specifications, Gigabyte took a large absence from the competition so that the team could create a new joint to attach the shell with. By the time Gigabyte was ready to compete again, its combat record of 0-1 was too detrimental at this late stage of the competition, and Gigabyte entered the 'Desperado Bracket' in order to win a place in the final 16. Here, Gigabyte earned a destructive victory by knockout over Double Dutch, but was defeated by Lucky after Gigabyte was flipped over, and its self-righting bar snapped off. Returning to the main competition, Gigabyte fought Brutus, and in spite of losing the use of its spinner, Gigabyte used its wedge shape to overturn Brutus and win by knockout.

Trivia Edit

  • As Chinese broadcast regulations forbade the usage of the word "death" on television, Megabyte's team was introduced as the "Robotic Destruction Company" on King of Bots.
  • By reaching the semi-finals and finishing third overall, Megabyte was the most successful robot to receive a wildcard, defeating two fellow wildcard entries in consecutive battles.
  • The above performance also made Megabyte the most successful robot from the United States of America in Season 1 of King of Bots.



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