The King of Bots 2019 Opening Battle was a live event which was shown between the first and second seasons of King of Bots. Held in Shanghai, China, on 12th January 2019, and streamed live on Panda TV, the event marked the first King of Bots event of that year, and took place during the same filming sessions as the upcoming second season.

The 2019 Opening Battle featured nine one-on-one battles between heavyweight and featherweight competitors, each built by teams from previous seasons and the accompanying live events. Participating roboteers were allocated to the ‘Red’ or ‘Blue’ teams; the team which scored the most victories at the end of the event would be declared the overall winner.

Competing RobotsEdit



  • Amnesia
  • Forsaken 2.0
  • Team Pofeng undercutter
  • Unidentified 2WD drum spinner
  • Unidentified six-wheeled drum spinner
  • Unidentified black horizontal spinner
  • Unidentified full-body spinner
  • Unidentified orange vertical spinner


Snake 2.0 (red) vs Megabyte (blue)Edit

Snake vs Megabyte 2019 1

Snake 2.0 rams Megabyte into the wall spikes

Snake vs Megabyte 2019 2

Megabyte is deflected a second time

Snake vs Megabyte 2019 3

Sparks fly as Snake 2.0 drives into Megabyte once again

Snake vs Megabyte 2019 4

Megabyte recoils - and is flipped - after hitting Snake 2.0's plough

Megabyte overturned 2019

Megabyte smokes as it tries to self-right

In the opening seconds, Snake 2.0 drove into Megabyte as the latter maneuvered tentatively alongside the wall, ramming Megabyte directly into the nearby spikes. Megabyte ricocheted across the blue corner into another wall, and was almost flipped over as it skittered across the arena into the red corner. With this, Megabyte landed on the wall spikes, but wobbled back onto its wheels as Snake 2.0 closed in and attempted to position itself for a further attack. Snake 2.0 briefly followed Megabyte as the American machine retreated to the center and got its shell spinner up to speed again. Seconds later, Snake 2.0 hit Megabyte a second time, deflecting it into the wall spikes; Megabyte rebounded, and dodged Snake 2.0 again while simultaneously hitting the latter’s front plough. With Snake 2.0 continuing to give chase, Megabyte turned round and slammed into the side of the Unknown Son machine. The impact caused Megabyte to recoil violently into the wall, where it was flipped over and sent skidding back into the center of the arena. At that point, Megabyte’s shell appeared unable to spin up properly; smoke poured from beneath the shell as it tried to turn itself back over. Regardless, Megabyte was counted out and eliminated via knockout.

Winner: Snake 2.0 (via knockout)

Unidentified red thwackbot (red) vs Saber (blue)Edit

KoB 2019 Round 2 1

Saber lands its first flip on the red thwackbot

KoB 2019 Round 2 3

Saber throws the red thwackbot towards the grinders

KoB 2019 Round 2 4

One of the red thwackbot's wheels touches the pit

KoB 2019 Round 2 2

The red thwackbot is launched off the floor as it misses a blow on Saber

Both robots initially drove towards and away from each other, with Saber eventually getting underneath and throwing the red thwackbot off-balance with its flipper. Saber rammed the red thwackbot a second time, and drove under it completely as it attempted to avoid the red thwackbot’s swinging blade. The two competitors circled round each other, before Saber drove underneath the red thwackbot several more times, either throwing the red thwackbot off the floor or causing it to tip onto one wheel. As the first minute passed, Saber threw the red thwackbot towards the nearby grinders, forcing the red thwackbot to retreat. The red thwackbot swerved towards the edge of the opening pit as it tried to pursue Saber across the arena; one of the red thwackbot’s wheels touched the bottom, although this was not enough to eliminate it as it drove and threw itself towards the top-right hand wall. Maneuvering around the pit, Saber approached, pursued and tipped the red thwackbot off-balance once more, but was unable to flip it as both robots approached the wall spikes and floor flipper. Seconds later, the red thwackbot landed two blows on the top of Saber’s flipper, only to be knocked back when Saber flicked its mace away. Saber ducked underneath the red thwackbot and weaved across the arena, with the red thwackbot sliding as it gave chase. The red thwackbot attempted to strike Saber again, only for Saber to get underneath one of its wheels again.

KoB 2019 Round 2 5

The red thwackbot strikes the rear of Saber

KoB 2019 Round 2 6

Sparks fly as Saber survives another blow from the red thwackbot

KoB 2019 Round 2 7

A charge from Saber sends the red thwackbot airborne again

KoB 2019 Round 2 8

Saber swerves into the pit just after time runs out

Sparks flew as the red thwackbot’s swinging blade struck the floor, and the entire robot was briefly launched into the air. Saber chased the red thwackbot and knocked it off-balance once more, before absorbing another blow from the red thwackbot’s blade and driving underneath its opponent again. The red thwackbot avoided the pit as it pursued Saber across the arena, with Saber lifting the red thwackbot again as the two machines met in the blue corner. With less than forty seconds to go, the red thwackbot struggled to move away from the corner, but turned, and almost spun itself into the pit as it lunged at Saber. Saber briefly knocked the red thwackbot off-balance once more, and withstood another blow from the latter’s blade as it chased the red thwackbot across the arena again. In the closing seconds, Saber shepherded and nudged the red thwackbot close to the wall spikes, before attempting to pressure it into driving into the pit. As the clock reached zero, the red thwackbot’s blade touched the bottom of the pit, allowing the robot to throw itself onto one wheel and gyrate uncontrollably towards the wall. At the same time, Saber accidentally swerved itself into the pit, and unsuccessfully attempted to drive out as the red thwackbot repeatedly spun round in celebration. Since Saber pitted itself after time ran out, both competitors survived to a Judges’ decision, which ruled in Saber’s favor.

Winner: Saber (via Judges' decision)

Team Pofeng undercutter (red) vs Unidentified six-wheeled drum spinner (blue)Edit

KoB 2019 Round 3 1

The Team Pofeng undercutter sends the six-wheeled drum spinner spiralling towards the wall

KoB 2019 Round 3 2

Sparks fly as the six-wheeled drum spinner drives up the front of the Team Pofeng undercutter

KoB 2019 Round 3 3

The six-wheeled drum spinner gyro-dances as the Team Pofeng undercutter lands another hit

KoB 2019 Round 3 4

The six-wheeled drum spinner catches air upon ramming the Team Pofeng undercutter again

Almost immediately, the six-wheeled drum spinner lunged at the Team Pofeng undercutter, darting across the arena as both competitors continuously attempted to lunge at each other. Eventually, the two robots collided head-on; sparks flew as the six-wheeled drum spinner was sent spinning on its side into the wall spikes. The Team Pofeng undercutter charged at the side of the six-wheeled drum spinner, but hit the wall instead, allowing the six-wheeled drum spinner to briefly push it back across the arena perimeter. The Team Pofeng undercutter proceeded to attack the six-wheeled drum spinner a few times, at one point throwing it upwards before the six-wheeled drum spinner darted away. The six-wheeled drum spinner dodged another pursuit from the Team Pofeng undercutter, gyro-dancing its way to the center of the arena before bumping the Team Pofeng undercutter head-on and sustaining a light blow from the latter’s spinner. The two robots continued to pursue and dodge each other for some time, before the six-wheeled drum spinner rammed the Team Pofeng undercutter again. Seconds later, the six-wheeled drum spinner sustained another hit from the Team Pofeng undercutter, which appeared to leave it immobile on one side.

KoB 2019 Round 3 5

The Team Pofeng undercutter is caught out by the circular saws

KoB 2019 Round 3 6

The team of the six-wheeled drum spinner look on as their robot survives another blow from the Team Pofeng undercutter

KoB 2019 Round 3 7

The six-wheeled drum spinner pushes the Team Pofeng undercutter sideways

Momentarily powering its weapon down, the six-wheeled drum spinner sustained another set of head-on impacts from the Team Pofeng undercutter, and gyro-danced its way past the circular saws, which the Team Pofeng undercutter drove over. Having regained full forward drive, the six-wheeled drum spinner gyrated and darted towards the wall spikes, driving head-on into the Team Pofeng undercutter once again. A shard of metal flew as the six-wheeled drum spinner reversed and drove into the Team Pofeng undercutter again, this time forcing the purple and green machine into the wall spikes. The two machines smashed, dodged and bumped into each other a few more times, before the six-wheeled drum spinner retreated to the corner and rammed an approaching Team Pofeng undercutter. From that moment, the Team Pofeng undercutter became immobile on one side, allowing the six-wheeled drum spinner to push it across the arena within the vicinity of the grinders.

KoB 2019 Round 3 8

The six-wheeled drum spinner attacks the Team Pofeng undercutter, which temporarily loses mobility near the grinders

KoB 2019 Round 3 9

The six-wheeled drum spinner gyro-dances out of the way as it and the Team Pofeng undercutter survive to the end

Both robots proceeded to approach the grinders themselves, with the six-wheeled drum spinner reversing and getting thrown forwards before hitting the side of the Team Pofeng undercutter. This left the Team Pofeng machine almost completely immobilized beside the grinder, which it spun round into in an attempt to show mobility. The six-wheeled drum spinner, meanwhile, hit and sent a piece of debris skidding across the arena, at which point the Team Pofeng undercutter weaved from side to side and regained full forward mobility. The two competitors grazed the circular saws, with the Team Pofeng undercutter hitting the side of the six-wheeled drum spinner once more before time ran out. With this, the battle went to a Judges’ decision, which went in favor of the six-wheeled drum spinner, despite the Team Pofeng undercutter’s strong performance.

Winner: Unidentified six-wheeled drum spinner (via Judges’ decision)

Unidentified orange vertical spinner (red) vs Unidentified black horizontal spinner (blue)Edit

KoB 2019 Round 4 1

The first weapon-on-weapon collision between the two spinners

KoB 2019 Round 4 2

A second hit rips a wheel off the black horizontal spinner

KoB 2019 Round 4 3

The black horizontal spinner spins into a grinder while the orange vertical spinner (top-right) waits nearby

KoB 2019 Round 4 4

The orange vertical spinner is lifted by the floor rods

At the start, both competitors drove towards the center of the arena, with the orange vertical spinner weaving and darting sideways before meeting the black horizontal spinner. The two robots drove head-on into each other’s spinners, the impact sending both recoiling and ripping the black horizontal spinner’s right wheel off. The black horizontal spinner slammed into the grinder and ended up back in the center, where it proceeded to spin and shuffle its way across the arena while the orange vertical spinner briefly powered its spinner down as it waited. The orange vertical spinner shuffled alongside the floor rods, getting its weapon up to speed again as the black horizontal spinner maneuvered into and was thrown aside by one of the grinders. As the floor rods rose up from the floor, it became clear that the left wheel on the orange vertical spinner had locked up. This left the orange vertical spinner unable to drive properly as it maneuvered over – and was twice lifted by – the floor rods; however, it proceeded to send the black horizontal spinner spinning away with another weapon-on-weapon hit.

KoB 2019 Round 4 5

The orange vertical spinner lands another hit on the black horizontal spinner

KoB 2019 Round 4 6

The black horizontal spinner balances on one wheel after being thrown into the air by the orange vertical spinner

KoB 2019 Round 4 7

The black vertical spinner is thrown into the air by one of the grinders

In response, the black horizontal spinner hit the orange vertical spinner’s right wheel, although this was not enough to completely immobilize the orange vertical spinner. Both robots shuffled across the arena and towards each other, despite the referee beginning his count-out; the black horizontal spinner clipped the wedge of the orange vertical spinner, and was thrown into the air. The black horizontal spinner landed on its left wheel, and drove forwards at an angle into the orange vertical spinner and a nearby grinder, which flipped it over violently. Landing upright, the black horizontal spinner continued to shuffle along the arena perimeter on its left wheel; meanwhile, the orange vertical spinner struggled to line up another attack on the black horizontal spinner, before stopping completely, prompting another count-out from the referee. Slowly, the orange vertical spinner twitched and turned to face the black horizontal spinner; its wedge clipped the black horizontal spinner’s bar, causing the latter to destabilize and momentarily throw itself off the floor. The black horizontal spinner promptly reversed into and briefly pushed the orange vertical spinner back; both robots inched further towards the grinder as the orange vertical spinner continued to display a noticeable lack of movement.

KoB 2019 Round 4 8

The black horizontal spinner lands a blow on the orange vertical spinner's side

KoB 2019 Round 4 9

The black horizontal spinner hurtles across the arena after hitting one of the grinder mounts

As the orange vertical spinner briefly stopped moving, the horizontal spinner drove itself into one of the grinder mounts, spinning and flipping itself across the arena in the process. The black horizontal spinner continued spinning around and towards the wall spikes, its left wheel now beginning to wobble noticeably; meanwhile the orange vertical spinner got lifted by the floor rods once again. Due to their drive issues, neither robot attacked each other for the remainder of the battle, which went to a Judges’ decision. The decision went in favor of the black horizontal spinner, despite the early attack carried out by the orange vertical spinner.

Winner: Unidentified black horizontal spinner (via Judges’ decision)

Ghost No. 1 (red) vs Tánshè (blue)Edit

KoB 2019 Round 5 1

Tánshè gets underneath Ghost No. 1

KoB 2019 Round 5 2

Ghost No. 1 recoils upon hitting Tánshè

KoB 2019 Round 5 3

A flip from Tánshè causes Ghost No. 1's weapon assembly to break off

KoB 2019 Round 5 4

Tánshè tosses the remains of Ghost No. 1 into the upper wall

Initially, both robots moved tentatively from their starting positions, and spent a few moments driving around and avoiding each other. This was until Tánshè drove side-on into Ghost No. 1, although without landing a flip, with Tánshè proceeding to circle around Ghost No. 1 before retreating to the blue corner. Ghost No. 1 charged towards Tánshè just as the British machine turned round; as a result, Tánshè deflected Ghost No. 1 away and sent it flipping violently into the grinders. Tánshè rushed in to pressure Ghost No. 1 into the corner spikes, but Ghost No. 1 spun its weapon up again, and freed itself from the spikes. The two robots next met in the center of the arena; Tánshè scooped, pushed and threw Ghost No. 1 towards the wall on the opposite side. Ghost No. 1 landed upright on Tánshè, the force of the landing causing its entire weapon assembly – including the bar spinner itself – to shear off. Short-circuiting, Ghost No. 1 was left without controlled movement as Tánshè repeatedly flipped the dismantled machine over in the corner and against the upper walls. After inadvertently flipping itself over, Tánshè self-righted and retreated to the center of the arena, spinning in celebration as it secured a destructive knockout victory.

Winner: Tánshè (via knockout)

Unidentified 2WD drum spinner (red) vs Amnesia (blue)Edit

KoB 2019 Round 6 1

Amnesia pushes the silver drum spinner back

KoB 2019 Round 6 2

The drum spinner throws Amnesia across the arena

Amnesia and the drum spinner both darted from their corners, colliding head-on near the center of the arena. The drum spinner briefly knocked Amnesia back, only for Amnesia to push it across the arena towards the red corner in response. Amnesia was knocked sideways upon driving into the drum spinner’s weapon again, and encountered control issues as the wedgelets for its ‘anti-vertical’ flipper kept catching the bolts holding the arena floor together. This allowed the drum spinner to charge into the side of Amnesia, throwing the 2018 UK International Champion sideways towards the grinders. Amnesia turned and drove into the drum spinner again, absorbing two more blows from the latter’s weapon and having one of its wedgelets ripped off.

KoB 2019 Round 6 3

Amnesia is thrown upwards by the drum spinner

KoB 2019 Round 6 4

The drum spinner throws itself onto its side following a lunge at Amnesia

KoB 2019 Round 6 5

Amnesia stacks the drum spinner against the spikes

After several seconds, Amnesia slammed into the front of the drum spinner once more, losing its other wedgelet in the process. A retaliatory slam from the drum spinner resulted in the latter being thrown upwards and onto its side, although the drum spinner landed on its wheels and grazed Amnesia once again before gyro-dancing away. Undaunted, Amnesia gave chase, eventually ramming and briefly pushing the drum spinner from the side. The drum spinner threw itself over through the gyroscopic forces of its weapon, and on top of Amnesia as the Team Immersion machine attempted to ram it again. Still gyrating towards the wall, the drum spinner was collected by Amnesia, which proceeded to wedge, flip and stack the drum spinner against the spikes. Amensia reversed towards the center of the arena, spinning and raising its flipper in celebration as the drum spinner was counted out.

Winner: Amnesia (via knockout)

Forsaken 2.0 (red) vs Unidentified full-body spinner (blue)Edit

KoB 2019 Round 7 1

Forsaken 2.0 survives an initial collision with the full-body spinner

KoB 2019 Round 7 2

A blow from the full-body spinner catapults Forsaken 2.0 away

Forsaken 2.0 left the red corner as the full-body spinner spun up; eventually, both robots met near the center of the arena, with sparks flying as Forsaken 2.0 twice drove into the shell of the full-body spinner. Seconds later, the full-body spinner clipped the side of Forsaken 2.0 as it turned round, catapulting Forsaken 2.0 into the corner and immobilizing it instantly. Forsaken 2.0 was counted out after only thirty-eight seconds had elapsed, leaving the full-body spinner victorious.

After the battle, Forsaken 2.0 suffered more issues. While in the process of being taken out of the arena, its drum spinner suddenly reactivated, delaying the robot’s exit while the team and a member of the King of Bots crew locked it back into place.

Winner: Unidentified full-body spinner (via knockout)

Vulcan (red) vs Unidentified eggbeater spinner (blue)Edit

KoB 2019 Round 8 1

The eggbeater spinner throws Vulcan over in the opening seconds

KoB 2019 Round 8 2

Vulcan absorbs another blow from the eggbeater spinner

KoB 2019 Round 8 3

Vulcan tries to axe the eggbeater spinner

KoB 2019 Round 8 4

The eggbeater spinner flips and hits Vulcan's underside

Both robots quickly met each other in the center of the arena, with Vulcan reversing and being flipped over by the eggbeater spinner’s weapon. Vulcan struggled to self-right as it skidded towards and balanced near one of the grinders, but threw itself back onto its wheels before retreating to the corner and attempting a front-on charge. The eggbeater spinner twice hit the sides of Vulcan’s wedge, getting underneath the British machine as it axed one of its sides. Both competitors separated, with Vulcan proceeding to drive around and dodge the eggbeater spinner before the latter clipped its wedge again. As the two machines lingered in the red corner, Vulcan attempted to axe the eggbeater spinner’s weapon, but missed, before ramming the blue and pink machine. After pushing the eggbeater spinner around in circles, Vulcan attempted to axe it once more; however, the eggbeater spinner clipped Vulcan’s axe head, throwing Vulcan over while also hitting one of its wheels. Vulcan self-righted quickly, shuffling back and forth before momentarily getting its wedge stuck on the floor.

KoB 2019 Round 8 5

Vulcan hops after catching the pit, in an attempt to axe the eggbeater spinner

KoB 2019 Round 8 6

Vulcan axes and pushes the eggbeater spinner into the corner

KoB 2019 Round 8 7

Another head-on collision between the two competitors

After a brief hesitation, the eggbeater spinner sent Vulcan spinning with another blow to its wedge. However, it stopped moving again, allowing Vulcan to push it from behind; Vulcan caught a gap between the pit panel and the floor, and hopped as it was in the process of axing the top of the eggbeater spinner. Vulcan avoided the eggbeater spinner’s weapon, before pushing and pinning it against the floor rods. In doing so, it axed the eggbeater spinner, holding it by the weapon motor as it slammed the eggbeater spinner into the corner. Upon retracting its axe, Vulcan rammed the eggbeater spinner again, only to bump into the spikes and slam into the eggbeater spinner’s weapon. For some time, the two competitors drove around, dodged and pursued each other, until Vulcan and the eggbeater spinner drove head-on into each other yet again. The collision stopped the eggbeater spinner’s weapon from rotating, with Vulcan landing another axe blow before getting caught on a small hole in the arena floor. Reversing, Vulcan proceeded to charge at the eggbeater spinner, sliding into the wall spikes in the process.

KoB 2019 Round 8 8

Vulcan axes the eggbeater spinner, capitalizing on the latter's mobility issues

KoB 2019 Round 8 9

Vulcan drives itself on top of the eggbeater spinner

KoB 2019 Round 8 10

Vulcan pushes the eggbeater spinner into a grinder mount just after time runs out

The two competitors rammed each other head-on as they met in the center of the arena again; Vulcan attempted to line up another axe blow, only to expose its side to another hit from the eggbeater spinner. A few seconds later, the eggbeater spinner suddenly stopped moving near the circular saws, allowing Vulcan to drive in from behind and repeatedly axe the eggbeater spinner’s top armor. Once Vulcan drove away, the eggbeater spinner reversed, with its left wheels evidently disabled. As before, Vulcan continued to fire its axe at the eggbeater spinner, landing one more hit before being knocked back by the eggbeater spinner’s weapon. Vulcan proceeded to raise its body and circle around the arena in an attempt to line up another attack on the eggbeater spinner. As it charged into the eggbeater spinner, Vulcan accidentally slid over the top of it, and was pushed back by the eggbeater spinner as it tried to axe the latter a few more times. The two competitors separated, with Vulcan landing three final axe blows on the eggbeater spinner and pushing it into the grinder mount just as time ran out. Vulcan spun and darted across the arena in celebration, and won the subsequent Judges’ decision.

Winner: Vulcan (via Judges’ decision)

Spectre (red) vs 2BBQ (blue)Edit

Spectre vs 2BBQ 2019 1

Spectre and 2BBQ clash

Spectre vs 2BBQ 2019 2

2BBQ throws Spectre into the air

Spectre vs 2BBQ 2019 3

Spectre is flipped over by 2BBQ's spinner

Spectre vs 2BBQ 2019 4

2BBQ tears off Spectre's wedge

In a rematch of their previous encounters in Seasons 1 and 1.5, both robots quickly approached each other, with Spectre driving into the front of 2BBQ and sustaining damage as 2BBQ pushed it around in the corner. Spectre reversed, only to make another lunge at 2BBQ in an attempt to grab a hold of its Chinese adversary; it proceeded to ram 2BBQ head-on and push it from the side, sending 2BBQ sliding over the floor flipper. As the two competitors circled round each other again, Spectre drove into a seam in the arena floor, disrupting its movement as 2BBQ slammed and threw it into the wall. With its front-right wheel damaged, Spectre darted across the arena into the front of 2BBQ; the impact threw Spectre over, forcing it to self-right. Immediately, 2BBQ hit the side of Spectre, the gyroscopic forces of its bar spinner allowing it to dodge the UK machine’s crusher a few more times. Spectre pushed 2BBQ sideways and drove head-on into the latter’s bar spinner once more; 2BBQ pushed back, ripping Spectre’s entire front wedge off in the process before the two competitors rammed each other yet again.

Spectre vs 2BBQ 2019 5

A final slam results in 2BBQ immobilizing Spectre

Spectre and 2BBQ pushed and circled round each other close to the wall spikes, with 2BBQ causing more damage to Spectre as it pushed the Season 1 champion into the spikes themselves. 2BBQ waited as Spectre retreated for another charge, eventually slamming into the front of Spectre before pushing and causing even more damage to the latter’s left-hand side. Spectre turned round and drifted straight into 2BBQ’s spinner; with this hit, 2BBQ threw Spectre into a spin, immobilizing it on the spot. Despite raising and lowering its crusher and srimech, Spectre was counted out, resulting in 2BBQ securing a dominant and popular knockout victory.

Winner: 2BBQ (via knockout)

Having picked up the most victories, the 'Blue' team were declared the overall winners at the end of the stream.

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