贪吃蛇 (Romanized as tān chī shé and translated as Greedy Snake[1] or Gluttonous Snake) was a robot from Shijiazhuang, China, which competed in the first season of King of Bots, and Season 1.5 of This is Fighting Robots. Built and entered by Team Unknown Son, captained by Wang Xi, at a cost of 200,000 yuan ($32,000), provided by the show[2].

In Season 1, Greedy Snake reached the Top 8 of the competition. After defeating Nuclear Bomb in the first round, it then dominated the British robot Suspension to reach the third round, yet in spite of dominating the proceedings against Chiyung Jinlun, it broke down towards the end of its third-round battle. Although it was initially eliminated at this stage, the withdrawal of Rust Boar allowed Greedy Snake to progress to the Top 8, where it lost to Thunder and Lightning after being overturned by the floor flipper. Greedy Snake also fought in a Tag Team battle alongside Saber, but lost to Tánshè and Vulcan.

For This is Fighting Robots, team captain Wang Xi was enlisted as a technical consultant[3], but Greedy Snake still competed in the competition. It was indirectly responsible for the immobilization of Spike Head in its preliminary battle, where Zhang Yishan added Greedy Snake to his team of robots to secure its place in the main competition. Under Yishan's captaincy, Greedy Snake enjoyed mixed fortunes; it was immobilized by Mr Hippo in its first rumble, but later won a Tag Team battle against Vulcan and Xiake in the following round, the latter while paired with Scottish competitor 008, and defeated Xiake again in a celebrity rumble which also featured Shrederator Tiger Claw. Despite losing its next rumble to Blue, Greedy Snake reached the Top 8 of the competition, where it was eliminated by Tánshè.


Greedy Snake

Greedy Snake in Season 1.5

Greedy Snake was a black and green, box-shaped robot with a four-wheel drive system and a ‘snatch’ weapon. The weapon itself combined a set of electric lifting forks with a top-mounted clamping jaw, which enabled Greedy Snake to grab, lift and throw opponents over itself in a similar manner to former BattleBots champion Bite Force. The top jaw was not locked in place, and could be knocked back and still return to its neutral position. To help it get underneath other robots, Greedy Snake also featured a set of smaller front wedges with large spiked tips, one on each side of the forks. In Season 1.5, Greedy Snake received a revised color scheme and held an on-board camera, which provided footage used in the show's broadcast.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots (Season 1)Edit

Snake vs Nuclear

Snake grabs and lifts Nuclear Bomb off the floor

Greedy Snake appeared in Episode 1, where it fought Nuclear Bomb in its first-round battle. It moved tentatively from the blue square in the opening seconds, where it soon became apparent that Nuclear Bomb was having mobility problems. Greedy Snake lifted its weapon and shuffled back and forth across the arena before attempting to grab Nuclear Bomb over one of the floor flippers – in doing so, it pushed Nuclear Bomb off the flipper, allowing the latter to move properly again. Eventually, the two robots met in the centre of the arena, with Greedy Snake getting its wedges underneath Nuclear Bomb but struggling to lift or grab it. Greedy Snake proceeded to ram Nuclear Bomb a few more times, before finally getting underneath, grabbing and lifting it onto its back. Following this attack, it pushed the inverted Nuclear Bomb into the wall and threw it back upright, before pushing it into the spikes. It attempted to grab Nuclear Bomb again, but could not gain any purchase, and backed away as Nuclear Bomb slammed into its side in response. With both robots still mobile, the battle went to a Judges’ decision, which ruled in favor of Greedy Snake and Team Unknown Son.

Snake vs Suspension 1

The initial charge from Greedy Snake launches Suspension into the air

Snake vs Suspension 2

Greedy Snake carries an inverted Suspension towards the grinders

In the second round, Greedy Snake faced British entry Suspension. Immediately, it darted out of the red square and rammed into Suspension at high speed, launching it into the air. Dodging its opponent, Greedy Snake attempted to grab Suspension by its wedge, but initially failed to do so before both machines reversed away from the grinders. Greedy Snake rammed Suspension head-on a second time, getting underneath it, but was again unable to gain purchase with its claw. After briefly hesitating, it drove underneath Suspension again, finally clamping and lifting Suspension into the air – the attack prompted the Brentwood School team to throw Suspension over in an effort to break free. As soon as Suspension self-righted, Greedy Snake charged in, grabbed and hoisted it aloft, immediately throwing it over itself and pushing it back across the arena. The two competitors separated, with Greedy Snake proceeding to dodge Suspension before again pushing, clamping and lifting it by the wedge. It bumped into the wall trying to force Suspension over the top, before dragging it back and lowering it.

Snake vs Suspension 3

Greedy Snake lifts Suspension by the wall spikes

Snake vs Suspension 4

Greedy Snake, in the process of throwing Suspension over itself

Greedy Snake followed this attack by chasing a fleeing Suspension; again, it grabbed, lifted and rammed it into the wall spikes, almost turning it over using its lower forks. It proceeded to repeat this tactic immediately, this time while pushing Suspension into one of the grinders. For the next few moments, Greedy Snake continued to chase and bump into Suspension, eventually cornering it close to another grinder. The two robots met by the floor rods, with Greedy Snake briefly hesitating as it lowered its weapon. Eventually, it pursued Suspension again, until finally grabbing, lifting and throwing it over itself.

"Oh, suplex!"
— Commentary over replays of Greedy Snake’s knockout flip on Suspension

Suspension’s self-righting arm had stopped working, rendering it inverted and immobile; Greedy Snake nudged Suspension during the count-out before retreating to the red square, and was declared victorious via knockout.

Chiyung Jinlun vs Snake

The initial collision between Greedy Snake and Chiyung Jinlun

Snake vs Chiyung Jinlun

Greedy Snake grabs and lifts Chiyung Jinlun from the side

Chiyung Jinlun Snake flame jets

Greedy Snake is pushed over the flame jets by an inverted Chiyung Jinlun

Snake Chiyung Jinlun grinder

Greedy Snake rams Chiyung Jinlun into one of the grinders

The third round saw Greedy Snake face drum spinner Chiyung Jinlun, whose team had previously fought Team Unknown Son in the Fighting My Bots featherweight championships. Immediately, it drove into Chiyung Jinlun, launching the latter off the floor, before continuously dodging and pursuing it across the arena. Both teams activated smokescreens in each other’s control areas, with Greedy Snake’s wedges causing Chiyung Jinlun to lift off the floor twice as the former tried to get underneath it. The two competitors rammed each other at high speed, with Greedy Snake initially unable to use its snatch weapon to good effect. Nevertheless, it continued to chase and steer Chiyung Jinlun towards the grinders; once again, it got underneath Chiyung Jinlun, but was unable to grab it. Moments later, after dodging the floor rods, Greedy Snake drove into and grabbed Chiyung Jinlun from the side, before throwing it over itself. Greedy Snake pursued Chiyung Jinlun again immediately, but suddenly hesitated; this allowed the inverted Chiyung Jinlun to slam into Greedy Snake several times before pushing it over the flame jets.

Snake vs Chiyung Jinlun 2

Greedy Snake grabs and lifts Chiyung Jinlun a second time

Snake immobile

Greedy Snake loses mobility in the closing stages

Snake Chiyung Jinlun flames

Both competitors are left stuck together over the flames

Nevertheless, Greedy Snake recovered, driving underneath Chiyung Jinlun a few more times before maneuvering it towards one of the hammers. It attempted to grab its opponent from the front, but was unable to do so, and continued to chase and dodge Chiyung Jinlun before getting underneath and twice ramming the latter into one of the grinders. Greedy Snake made no further attacks until Chiyung Jinlun re-righted itself by driving over one of the circular saws –after driving itself into one of the grinders, it continued pursuing a damaged Chiyung Jinlun before grabbing, pushing and lifting it onto its back beside one of the hammers. Greedy Snake reversed rapidly – however, with 32 seconds to go, it suddenly stopped over the flame jets, the BEC of its speed controller having burnt out. Immobilized, Greedy Snake was rammed by Chiyung Jinlun again, whose charge resulted in its wheels being lifted off the floor; as a result, the attack left both competitors stuck together as they burned over the flame jets. With the battle drawing to a close, Team Unknown Son requested that both robots required separation. However, after being informed by the team and discussing the battle's outcome with the referee, the Judges ultimately decided to eliminate Greedy Snake, as a result of it having lost mobility before Chiyung Jinlun’s final attack.

Although Greedy Snake was initially eliminated at this stage, the drum spinner Rust Boar forfeited its place in the top eight of the competition due to a damaged weapon shaft. Greedy Snake was selected to rejoin the competition, where it fought a multibot, Thunder and Lightning.

Snake vs Lightning

Greedy Snake turns Lightning over with a charge

Snake vs Thunder

Greedy Snake strands Thunder against the wall

Greedy Snake initially drove beyond Thunder (red), and rammed into Lightning (blue), the team also activating the smokescreen in front of the multibot drivers. Greedy Snake then edged Thunder backwards, and overturned Lightning with a powerful drive. Lightning quickly self-righted through gyro-dancing, but landed in the grip of Greedy Snake. Lightning was able to free, and delivered a direct blow to Greedy Snake's lifter, throwing it up. Greedy Snake drove into the front of Lightning again, swiftly turning it over, but Lightning righted itself within seconds. While trying to attack Greedy Snake, Thunder was deflected into the air by Greedy Snake's shape, and on its next attack, Greedy Snake rammed Thunder into the corner of the arena, stranding it on its side.

Lightning vs Snake

Snake's forks are shredded by Lightning

Thunder and Lightning vs Snake

The floor flipper turns both robots over

Thunder was a considerable distance from its partner, and so it was left idle while Lightning fought Greedy Snake alone, and the lighter robot was cast into the air. While Greedy Snake attempted to grab Lightning with its weaponry, the multibot landed a decisive blow, and ripped away one of Greedy Snake's forks using its discs. Greedy Snake was still able to hound Lightning into the wall, but Lightning used the entire arena to flee, and eventually draw Greedy Snake onto the floor flipper, where both robots were turned over together. While Lightning landed perfectly on its side, Greedy Snake was stuck on its side, and Lightning pressured it to prevent Greedy Snake from self-righting effectively.

Snake handstand

Greedy Snake stands on end

Snake counted out

Greedy Snake is counted out

Greedy Snake was able to wriggle onto its flat top, and used its lifter in an effort to self-right, but despite standing perfectly on its end, gravity forced Greedy Snake to toppled back onto its top armour. Lightning left Greedy Snake alone and finally righted its teammate, while the referee started to count Greedy Snake out of the battle. Greedy Snake continued to make attempts at self-righting, but was unable to turn itself over in time, and the battle was awarded to Thunder and Lightning via knockout.

Tánshè vs Snake

Greedy Snake is thrown into the wall by Tánshè

Snake vs Tánshè

Greedy Snake holds its balance while carrying Tánshè

Greedy Snake had been eliminated from the competition once and for all, but it still fought in a Tag Team exhibition battle. Teaming with the flipper of Saber, Greedy Snake fought two British robots at once, Tánshè and Vulcan. While the four robots gathered, Greedy Snake backed into the arena wall, and a sandwiched Saber fired its flipper at thin air. Tánshè then launched Greedy Snake into the plexiglass wall, and then flipped Saber in the same manner. In doing so, Tánshè exposed its back end to Greedy Snake, which picked it up and held it aloft. Tánshè fired its flipper in an effort to escape, but Greedy Snake maintained its balance and carried Tánshè into a Grinder. Vulcan fought a private battle with Saber, while Greedy Snake turned Tánshè over and released it, forcing Tánshè to self-right powerfully.

Tánshè & Vulcan vs Snake & Saber

Greedy Snake grabs Tánshè while Vulcan axes Saber

Vulcan vs Snake

Greedy Snake is axed by Vulcan while grabbing Tánshè

Greedy Snake was briefly pressured by Vulcan, before Tánshè caught Saber from behind and threw it over, where it slid towards the wall. Greedy Snake charged in to assist it, but Tánshè and Vulcan both trapped the Chinese team there. Vulcan landed two axe blows on the chassis of Saber, while Greedy Snake once again grabbed Tánshè, prompting Vulcan to pound the top of Greedy Snake, including its weapon system, throwing sparks. Greedy Snake was able to pick up Tánshè and turn it over, but Vulcan prevented Saber's self-righting by trapping it under the spikes on the arena wall. Vulcan pinned Greedy Snake against the arena wall, but while Saber struggled its way out of its current position, Tánshè launched it into the corner of the arena and trapped it there. Vulcan slammed into Greedy Snake, and the Chinese robot responded by driving it across the arena, towards the Grinder. Greedy Snake drove under Vulcan's wedge again and edged it backwards, eventually taking it to the arena wall where its threatened teammate Saber was being pinned. After this, Tánshè threw Greedy Snake into the air powerfully.

Snake vs Vulcan

Greedy Snake drives Vulcan back

Snake vs Tanshe

Greedy Snake pins Tánshè down in the closing stages

All four robots bumped into one another, until Tánshè threw Saber over, this time leaving it idle, as Saber lacked the power to self-right. Vulcan drove over the arena saws, and Tánshè mistimed a flip to throw itself over, while the clock displayed the final ten seconds. Greedy Snake held Tánshè against the arena floor as the battle timer elapsed, and the battle was sent to a Judges' decision. Despite a strong performance from Greedy Snake, the immobility of Saber at the very end of the battle proved costly, and the Judges awarded the win to Tánshè and Vulcan.

"He's a big fan of Beta!"
Ling Zhou on the youngest team member of Greedy Snake, who was a fan of John Reid

This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)Edit

Cataclysm vs Greedy Snake

Cat King's blade catches Greedy Snake

Greedy Snake vs Brazil

Spike Head topples itself and Greedy Snake qualifies

Greedy Snake was not chosen by any of the celebrities during the team selection process, mandating Greedy Snake's participation in the rumbles. It fought Cat King, Spike Head and Whirlwind. Greedy Snake rammed into Cat King. Greedy Snake was in turn rammed by the Brazilian Spike Head, which briefly fell over, but quickly righted itself. Greedy Snake's crusher made contact with Cat King's spinning blade, releasing the American machine from its wedge. Suddenly, Spike Head drove into Greedy Snake and threw itself over, landing on its back. Zhang Yishan credited Greedy Snake for this attack, and added it to their team, advancing Greedy Snake into the main bracket. The Brazilian machine could not self-right, and was deemed immobile.

Greedy Snake vs Cataclysm

Greedy Snake holds Cat King aloft

Snake vs Cataclysm

Greedy Snake lifts Cat King prior to throwing it over

Regardless, Greedy Snake fought on, and drove straight under Cat King to drive it backwards. After its escape, Greedy Snake pushed Cat King back into the wall, and Cat King sustained another direct blow from Whirlwind, sending it straight back into Greedy Snake's grip. While pushing it back, Greedy Snake clamped down on Cat King and lifted it up, to the delight of Zhang Yishan. Greedy Snake released its grip, dropping Cat King, which suffered from another Whirlwind attack, although Cat King immobilized Whirlwind after this. With only Cat King and Greedy Snake remaining, Cat King struck the weaponry of Greedy Snake, but the Chinese entry pushed the American robot into the Grinder. Pinning Cat King in the corner of the arena, Greedy Snake grabbed it once again, and lifted it into the air. At this point of the episode, the battle was cut early, creating a cliffhanger which was resolved at the start of the second episode. There, Greedy Snake successfully threw Cat King onto its back, emerging victorious and comfortably qualifying for the tournament as a result.

Greedy Snake has Tungsten against the wall

Greedy Snake stuck on the spikes after being hit by Mr Hippo's drum

In its first fight representing its team, Greedy Snake found itself up against Tungsten, Lieutenant Bam and Mr Hippo. As soon as the battle started, Greedy Snake charged at Tungsten and shoved it against a wall in an attempt to lift it, but a lack of grip meant that the UK robot managed to escape. After spending a few seconds chasing down Tungsten again, Greedy Snake once again managed to get underneath the UK machine and finally succeeded in lifting it off the ground. But, before it had any chance to throw Tungsten over, Mr Hippo came in and hit the side of Greedy Snake with its drum, throwing it up over the side wall spikes. This left Greedy Snake stranded off the floor, rendering it immobile and resulting in it being knocked out of the battle according to the broadcast edit.

Greedy Snake vs 008 1

Greedy Snake attacks 008 in the opening seconds

Greedy Snake Vulcan 008 1

Greedy Snake pursues Vulcan as 008 (right) is sent airborne

Greedy Snake self pitting

Greedy Snake drives itself into the pit

Greedy Snake remained within the competition, and fought in the Tag Team round, where it was partnered with 008 of Sa Beining's Yellow team. There, Greedy Snake fought Vulcan - the second time in which both robots fought together in a Tag Team battle - and Xiake, the successor to fellow former King of Bots adversary Chiyung Jinlun. Both teammates initially hesitated in the opening seconds, before Greedy Snake suddenly turned and drove into 008’s disc, to Sa Beining’s frustration. It briefly pursued Vulcan and clattered into 008 a second time, bumping into Xiake as it reversed. Greedy Snake hesitated as Xiake landed numerous attacks on 008, before proceeding to drive into Vulcan and push it back into the corner. With its teammate on fire and showing limited mobility, Greedy Snake was left to fight Xiake and Vulcan alone, pushing the former back. However, it was nearly pushed into the pit by Vulcan, and accidentally drove in itself while trying to evade the British machine.

Greedy Snake vs Vulcan 1

Greedy Snake clamps and carries Vulcan into the wall

Xiake vs Vulcan 1

Greedy Snake dodges Xiake and Vulcan as its opponents clash

Xiake flips Greedy Snake

Greedy Snake is thrown over by Xiake

Greedy Snake Xiake pit

A collision with Xiake results in Greedy Snake throwing the former into the pit

Several seconds later, the pit raised to let Greedy Snake rejoin the battle, with both of its opponents waiting on opposite sides of the arena. Immediately after it was released, Greedy Snake clamped, lifted and pushed Vulcan into the wall spikes, almost turning Vulcan over. It reversed, turned and drove away swiftly as Vulcan shook itself free, bumping into Xiake and Vulcan as they tried to pursue it. Eventually, Xiake caught up with Greedy Snake and threw it over with its drum; Greedy Snake self-righted, although not without getting knocked against the wall spikes by Xiake. It sustained a few axe blows from Vulcan while pushing the latter against the corner, and tried to push and grab Xiake from the side, albeit without success. Greedy Snake drove away and turned over the circular saw area as Xiake gave chase. The two Chinese machines rammed each other head-on, the collision enabling Greedy Snake to throw Xiake upwards and into the pit, to an ecstatic response from Zhang Yishan.

Greedy Snake vs Vulcan 2

Greedy Snake, in the process of throwing Vulcan over

Greedy Snake vs Vulcan 3

Greedy Snake grabs and pushes Vulcan as the British machine tries to damage its jaw

Amidst cheers from Yishan and Sa Beining, Greedy Snake survived an attempted axe blow from Vulcan to grab and throw the latter over the flame jets; as Vulcan self-righted, it proceeded to get underneath and nudge the British entry a few times before sustaining a few axe blows to its clamping jaw. Nevertheless, Greedy Snake grabbed and pushed Vulcan back again, proceeding to lift, drag and steer it into the corner. Weathering more attacks from Vulcan, Greedy Snake pushed its remaining opponent into the wall spikes one final time before the battle concluded – its performance prompting further celebrations from Yishan and Beining. The ensuing Judges’ decision ruled in favor of Greedy Snake and 008, enabling both robots to remain in the competition – in effect, this victory also resulted in Greedy Snake avenging its losses to Vulcan and the Xiake team in King of Bots.

Shrederator vs Wall

Greedy Snake pushes Shrederator Tiger Claw into the wall

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Greedy Snake

Greedy Snake resists the spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw

Under the controls of its celebrity captain Zhang Yishan, Greedy Snake fought Xiake again, alongside Shrederator Tiger Claw, all of which were controlled by their respective celebrity captains. Greedy Snake was initially cautious due to its nervous driver, but Greedy Snake then edged towards the spinning Shrederator Tiger Claw, resisting the weaponry to slam the American machine into the wall, damaging the arena spikes. While Greedy Snake was distracted, Xiake (controlled by Wu Chun) charged into the side of it, grinding at its underside while further destroying the spikes on the arena wall. Greedy Snake and Shrederator Tiger Claw eyed each other up, and eventually Shrederator Tiger Claw drove into one of Greedy Snake's wedgelets, rebounding into the air after throwing sparks. Greedy Snake edged towards the rotating Shrederator Tiger Claw, and completely resisted the spinning weapon, pressing it into the arena wall despite a constant shower of sparks being thrown from Greedy Snake's wedge. Xiake drove onto Greedy Snake's wedge, and Greedy Snake pushed it into the corner of the arena, briefly stranding it on debris.

Xiake vs Greedy Snake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Xiake's drum strikes Greedy Snake

Shrederator vs Snake

Xiake throws Shrederator Tiger Claw into Greedy Snake's lifter

When free, Xiake drove into the back of Greedy Snake and pushed it into the spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, also carrying Greedy Snake into the arena wall to slam it high into the air. Greedy Snake slowly edged towards Shrederator Tiger Claw, which reversed away, but Greedy Snake eventually caught up to destablize the spinner. In response, Shrederator Tiger Claw hit the side of Greedy Snake, and also threw more sparks from its wedge. Shrederator Tiger Claw attacked the front of Greedy Snake again, but was cast aside by a forward push from Greedy Snake. Suddenly, Xiake charged in and clashed with the spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, throwing it into a Grinder, where it recoiled straight back into the side of Greedy Snake, and Xiake also drove under Greedy Snake to hit its base. Greedy Snake shepherded Shrederator Tiger Claw back, damaging the arena wall again, but a hit from Xiake's drum threw the American machine into the air, and directly into Greedy Snake's grappling weapon, bending it.

Greedy Snake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Greedy Snake grabs hold of Shrederator Tiger Claw

Greedy Snake closed in within the final ten seconds, and drove under Shrederator Tiger Claw, placing it atop Xiake's drum, and then gripped it using its snatch mechanism, holding it in the corner of the arena when time expired on the match. The battle was sent to a judges' decision, with Shrederator Tiger Claw relatively out of contention, but the decision was close between Greedy Snake and Xiake. The winner of the battle was revealed to be Greedy Snake, awarding it a second consecutive win over Xiake.

Blue vs Formula

Greedy Snake holds Formula up, before being struck by Blue

Blue vs Greedy Snake

Greedy Snake sustains a direct blow from Blue's hammer

In its next battle, Greedy Snake fought in a rumble against Blue and Formula. Greedy Snake initially pushed Formula back gently, and avoided the swinging Blue, which constantly overturned itself. Greedy Snake charged Formula and briefly tilted it onto its back, but failed to grab it on two attempts. Eventually, Greedy Snake drove under Formula, clamped down on it and lifted the British machine, but Blue intercepted with a hammer blow and separated the two machines, then directly struck Greedy Snake. After a brief hiatus from combat while Formula and Blue fought privately, Greedy Snake wedged under Blue, but it became stuck near the arena wall, and Blue landed three direct hits on Greedy Snake before Formula wedged under both machines.

Formula vs Greedy Snake

Greedy Snake and Blue are pushed back by Formula

Greedy Snake vs Blue

Greedy Snake lifts Blue as the battle ends

The three robots locked together in the center of the arena, with Formula controlling the pushing, while Blue repeatedly hit Greedy Snake, which proved completely incapable of escaping. Formula managed to push both robots towards the wall, but could not use its flipper due to a gas leak, and eventually lost mobility altogether. In the final few seconds, Greedy Snake managed to lift Blue into the air, but still sustained hammer blows, and time expired on the battle before Greedy Snake could complete its attack. After all three robots were sent to a Judges' decision, Blue was declared to be the winner, although Greedy Snake was still awarded one point for its team, after surviving for the duration of the fight.

As Greedy Snake and Vulcan were the only two machines still active on Zhang Yishan's team, both automatically advanced to the Top 8. At this stage, Greedy Snake fought Tánshè.

"Snake is a very powerful robot. The reasons are, they're very low on the front, he can bite very hard, and he can grab us and turn us over. We knew the way to beat Snake was to get underneath his front wedges, so we put on our long wedges which are very sharp, to try and get underneath him."
— Gabriel Stroud on Greedy Snake
Tánshè vs Greedy Snake

Tánshè flips Greedy Snake into the wall

Although Tánshè had been outfitted with sharpened wedges to breach the front ground clearance of Greedy Snake, these modifications were not enough, and Tánshè drove straight into the grasp of Greedy Snake. Tánshè was forced to retreat, and both robots kept slipping underneath each other, but without being able to use their weaponry. Eventually, Greedy Snake was able to clamp down on Tánshè, holding it against the arena wall, but could not lift it. Afterwards, Tánshè drove under the side of Greedy Snake and flipped it into the wall, but Greedy Snake landed on its wheels.

Greedy Snake vs Tánshè

Greedy Snake holds Tánshè in the air

On its escape, Tánshè was struck by the arena hammer, but it managed to push Greedy Snake into the arena grinder, where a piece was ripped loose from the rear of the machine. Greedy Snake used this as an opportunity to grab Tánshè, but could not maintain its grip while lifting. Despite this, Greedy Snake used its lifter as a clamp to swing Tánshè into the grinder. After Tánshè continued to ride up the wedge of Greedy Snake, the latter finally made its first successful attack, lifting Tánshè up and over, forcing the British flipper to fire in mid-air, and self-right upon landing.

Tanshe vs Greedy Snake

Tánshè attempts to throw Greedy Snake out of the arena

A ram from Greedy Snake dislodged one of Tánshè's front wedges, but nevertheless, Tánshè drove under the side of Greedy Snake to throw it over, onto the top of the arena spikes. Greedy Snake had landed on top of its lifting mechanism, making it difficult for it to self-right, especially as Tánshè continued to push Greedy Snake around the arena while it was inverted. Greedy Snake managed to stand on its front end, but Tánshè had brought it to the arena wall and almost flipped it out of the arena - instead, Greedy Snake landed back on its wheels.

Greedy Snake self-rights

Greedy Snake slowly self-rights

While lining up a follow-up attack, Tánshè flipped Greedy Snake again, which barrel-rolled through the air. After a few head-to-head collisions, Tánshè was finally able to drive under the front of Greedy Snake, tossing it over and into the grinder, despite Tánshè losing the remains of its wedges in the process. Greedy Snake was inverted again, and stood on its back end while trying to self-right. Tánshè sat back and watched, believing it had won by knockout, but on its fourth attempt, Greedy Snake propped itself onto its back wheels, and then drove forwards in order to self-right.

Greedy Snake drove back under Tánshè, but was thrown over by the British flipper again, landing on its wheels. Both robots collided, but Greedy Snake missed its chance to lift Tánshè. At the very end of the match, Tánshè drove into Greedy Snake in a position where both robots' wedges were underneath different parts of each other, and Tánshè overturned Greedy Snake again, just as time expired on the battle. The Judges were required to declare a winner, and they unanimously voted for Tánshè. Greedy Snake was eliminated from the competition as a result, leaving only Vulcan to represent its team.

"It's always very difficult fighting your friends, and Snake are our friends. We have to beat him, but it's a terrible thing to do so."
— Gabriel Stroud


King of Bots (Season 1)
Main Championship
Fourth Round
Round 1 vs. Nuclear Bomb Won
Round 2 vs. Suspension Won
Round 3 vs. Chiyung Jinlun Lost
NOTE: After the withdrawal of Rust Boar, Greedy Snake was reinstated.
Round 4 vs. Thunder and Lightning Lost
Tag Team
Partnered with Saber
Tag Team vs. Tánshè & Vulcan Lost
This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)
Main Championship
Preliminary Rumble vs. Cat King, Spike Head, Whirlwind Selected
Rumble vs. Tungsten, Lieutenant Bam, Mr Hippo Lost
Tag Team (with 008) vs. Vulcan, Xiake Won
Celebrity Rumble vs. Shrederator Tiger Claw, Xiake Won
Rumble vs. Blue, Formula Lost
Quarter-Final vs. Tánshè Lost


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 6

NOTE: Greedy Snake's rumble in Season 1.5 is not considered to be a win or loss

Series RecordEdit

Series Greedy Snake Series Record
Season 1 Round 4
Season 1.5 Quarter-Final

Outside King of BotsEdit

At the inaugural Fighting My Bots featherweight championship in 2016, the team's featherweight Gagu Snake competed, using the same weapon system as the King of Bots competitor Greedy Snake. It won the competition, defeating Little Beelzebub from Impasse in the final, prior to both teams battling each other in King of Bots.

At the King of Bots UK featherweight championship, the team built a vertical spinner named Naughty Snake, winning a melee against Sabre20 and Mini ACE.


  • Due to its fourth round reinstatement and optional involvement in the Tag Team competition, Greedy Snake was the only robot in Season 1 to amount more losses than wins, after completing three straight losses.



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