Calabash Bros was a Featherweight robot built by Team Pofeng which competed in the 2018 UK King of Bots qualifiers at Insomnia 64.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots UK 2018Edit

Calabash flips Microswitch

Calabash flips Microswitch.

Calabash Brothers's first match was against Microswitch, and Tempest, for this match Microswitch ran its drum spinner. This match started with all three robots spinning up to full speed. Calabash Bros got a minor shot in on Microswitch which then attacked Tempest, sending it into the air.

However this left Microswitch open for an attack from the Chinese machine which first launched it, and then Tempest into the air. Calabash Brothers then attacked Microswitch again, flipping it, and breaking one side of its drive.

Calabash Bros pops Tempest

Calabash Brothers pops Tempest into the air.

Following this Calabash Brothers launched Tempest into the corner, before attacking Microswitch again. Surprisingly Microswitch was still moving after this, and Calabash Brothers went after Tempest again.

This resulted in a colossal hit which flipped Calabash Brothers, and sent Tempest reeling. However after the Chinese machine righted itself it became clear that there was something wrong with itas it was having problems delivering hits like before. Microswitch then got stuck on the pit, and Tempest pressed the pit release, but Microswitch escaped just in time.

Calabash Brothers then delivered a few hits to Tempest, but nearly drove into the pit itself. After this one more hit was delivered by the Chinese entry before cease was called. Calabash Brothers won the match on a judges decision, meaning that it started the event with a win.


King of Bots UK 2018 (Insomnia 64)
Main Championship
Rumble vs. Tempest, Microswitch Won (3 Points)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0

Outside King of BotsEdit

Team Pofeng competed in the Chinese TV show Clash Bots with the heavyweight vertical spinner Toxic Fangs. The team were very successful in this tournament, finishing in second place overall.

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